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(I Can't Help You) I'm Falling Too: Skeeter Davis (1960)
(I Do the) Shimmy Shimmy: Bobby Freeman (1960)
(There Was a) Tall Oak Tree: Dorsey Burnette (1960)
(Welcome) New Lovers: Pat Boone (1960)
(You Were Made for) All My Love: Jackie Wilson (1960)
(You've Got to) Move Two Mountains: Marv Johnson (1960)
A Fool in Love: Ike & Tina Turner (1960)
A Mess of Blues: Elvis Presley (1960)
A Million To One: Jimmy Charles & The Revelettes (1960)
A Rockin' Good Way: Brook Benton & Dinah Washington (1960)
A Thousand Stars: Kathy Young with The Innocents (1960)
A Woman, a Lover, a Friend: Jackie Wilson (1960)
About This Thing Called Love: Fabian (1960)
Ain't Misbehavin': Tommy Bruce (1960)
All I Could Do Was Cry: Etta James (1960)
Alle Mädchen wollen küssen: Peter Kraus (1960)
Alley-Oop: Hollywood Argyles (1960)
Alone At Last: Jackie Wilson (1960)
Alvin's Orchestra: Chipmunks & David Seville (1960)
Am I Losing You: Jim Reeves (1960)
Am I That Easy to Forget: Debbie Reynolds (1960)
Am I the Man: Jackie Wilson (1960)
Among My Souvenirs: Connie Francis (1960)
Angela Jones: Johnny Ferguson (1960)
Angela Jones: Michael Cox (1960)
Another Sleepless Night: Jimmy Clanton (1960)
Anymore: Teresa Brewer (1960)
Apache: Shadows (1960)
Apple Green: June Valli (1960)
Are You Lonesome Tonight?: Elvis Presley (1960)
Artificial Flowers: Bobby Darin (1960)
As Long As He Needs Me: Shirley Bassey (1960)
Baby (You Got What It Takes): Brook Benton & Dinah Washington (1960)
Baby Oh Baby: Shells (1960)
Baby What You Want Me To Do: Jimmy Reed (1960)
Bad Man Blunder: Kingston Trio (1960)
Ballad Of the Alamo: Marty Robbins (1960)
Banjo Boy: Jan & Kjeld (1960)
Barbara: Temptations (1960)
Be Mine: Lance Fortune (1960)
Beatnik Fly: Johnny & The Hurricanes (1960)
Because They're Young: Duane Eddy (1960)
Beyond The Sea: Bobby Darin (1960)
Big Iron: Marty Robbins (1960)
Bill Bailey: Bobby Darin (1960)
Blue Angel: Roy Orbison (1960)
Blue Tango: Bill Black's Combo (1960)
Bonnie Came Back: Duane Eddy (1960)
Brauner Bär und Weiße Taube: Gus Backus (1960)
Bulldog: Fireballs (1960)
Bum-Ladda-Bum-Bum: Laurie London (1960)
Buona Sera: Mr. Acker Bilk (1960)
Burning Bridges: Jack Scott (1960)
Cathy's Clown: Everly Brothers (1960)
C'est Si Bon (It's So Good): Conway Twitty (1960)
Chain Gang: Sam Cooke (1960)
Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy: Freddy Cannon (1960)
Cherry Pie: Skip & Flip (1960)
China Doll: Ames Brothers (1960)
Clementine: Bobby Darin (1960)
Colette: Billy Fury (1960)
Corinna, Corinna: Ray Peterson (1960)
Cowboy Billy: James Brothers (1960)
Cradle Of Love: Johnny Preston (1960)
Crazy Arms: Bob Beckham (1960)
Das Ende der Liebe: Rex Gildo (1960)
Delaware: Perry Como (1960)
Der alte Lumpensammler: Eichner-Duo (1960)
Devil Or Angel: Bobby Vee (1960)
Diamonds and Pearls: Paradons (1960)
Die Cowboys von der Silver-Ranch: Angèle Durand & Nilsen Brothers (1960)
Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel: Connie Francis (1960)
Ding a Ling: Bobby Rydell (1960)
Do You Mind: Anthony Newley (1960)
Doggin' Around: Jackie Wilson (1960)
Doll House: Donnie Brooks (1960)
Don't Be Cruel: Bill Black's Combo (1960)
Don't Come Knockin': Fats Domino (1960)
Don't Go to Strangers: Etta Jones (1960)
Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops: Frankie Avalon (1960)
Down By the Station: Four Preps (1960)
Down Yonder: Johnny & The Hurricanes (1960)
Dreamin': Johnny Burnette (1960)
Du mußt alles vergessen: Freddy Quinn (1960)
Dutchman's Gold: Walter Brennan (1960)
Ein kleines Haus am blauen See: Peter Alexander (1960)
Ein Schiff wird kommen: Caterina Valente (1960)
Ein Schiff wird kommen: Lale Andersen (1960)
Ein Schiff wird kommen: Melina Mercouri (1960)
Einen Ring mit zwei blutroten Steinen: Caterina Valente (1960)
El Matador: Kingston Trio (1960)
Es war in Schöneberg: Papa Bue (1960)
Everybody's Somebody's Fool: Connie Francis (1960)
Exodus: Ferrante & Teicher (1960)
Fall In Love With You: Cliff Richard (1960)
Fame and Fortune: Elvis Presley (1960)
Fannie Mae: Buster Brown (1960)
Feel So Fine (Feel So Good): Johnny Preston (1960)
Finger Poppin' Time: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (1960)
First Name Initial: Annette with The Afterbeats (1960)
Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear to Tread): Brook Benton (1960)
Footsteps: Steve Lawrence (1960)
Forever: Little Dippers (1960)
Freunde fürs Leben: Willy Hagara (1960)
Freunde für's Leben: Lou van Burg (1960)
Georgia On My Mind: Ray Charles (1960)
Gitarren klingen leise durch die Nacht: Jimmy Makulis (1960)
Go Jimmy Go: Jimmy Clanton (1960)
Good Timin': Jimmy Jones (1960)
Goodness Gracious Me: Peter Sellers (1960)
Got a Girl: Four Preps (1960)
Greenfields: Brothers Four (1960)
Happy Go Lucky Me: Paul Evans (1960)
Harbor Lights: Platters (1960)
He Will Break Your Heart: Jerry Butler (1960)
He'll Have To Go: Jim Reeves (1960)
He'll Have To Stay: Jeanne Black (1960)
Hit And Miss: John Barry (1960)
Hohe Tannen: Hellberg-Duo (Opitz, Vasel & Storz) (1960)
Honest I Do: Innocents (1960)
Honey Moon: Ellen, Alice & Peter (1960)
Hot Rod Lincoln: Johnny Bond (1960)
How About That: Adam Faith (1960)
How About That: Dee Clark (1960)
I Gotta Know: Elvis Presley (1960)
I Love the Way You Love: Marv Johnson (1960)
I Love You: Cliff Richard (1960)
I Love You in the Same Old Way: Paul Anka (1960)
I Wanna Go Home: Lonnie Donegan (1960)
I Want To Be Wanted: Brenda Lee (1960)
Ich bin ja so allein (Lonely Boy): Peter Kraus (Paul Anka) (1960)
Ich steh an der Bar: Bobbejaan (1960)
Ich will keine Schokolade: Trude Herr (1960)
Ich zähle täglich meine Sorgen (Heartaches By The Number): Peter Alexander (Guy Mitchell) (1960)
If She Should Come To You: Anthony Newley (1960)
I'll Save the Last Dance for You: Damita Jo (1960)
I'm Gettin' Better: Jim Reeves (1960)
I'm Not Afraid: Ricky Nelson (1960)
I'm Sorry: Brenda Lee (1960)
Image of a Girl: Safaris (1960)
In My Little Corner of the World: Anita Bryant (1960)
In The Still Of The Night: Dion & The Belmonts (1960)
Irgendwann gibt's ein Wiedersehn: Freddy Quinn (1960)
Is a Blue Bird Blue?: Conway Twitty (1960)
Is There Any Chance: Marty Robbins (1960)
It Only Happened Yesterday: Jack Scott (1960)
It's Now Or Never (Ich komme wieder): Elvis Presley (Gerd Böttcher) (1960)
It's Time To Cry: Paul Anka (1960)
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Honolulu Strandbikini: Club Honolulu (1960)
Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini: Brian Hyland (1960)
Jealous of You (Tango Della Gelosia): Connie Francis (1960)
Jingle Bell Rock: Bobby Helms (1960)
Johnny sing dein Lied noch mal: Mitch Miller (1960)
Josephine: Bill Black's Combo (1960)
Jump Over: Freddy Cannon (1960)
Just a Little: Brenda Lee (1960)
Just Come Home: Hugo & Luigi and Chorus (1960)
Just One Time: Don Gibson (1960)
Kalkutta liegt am Ganges: Vico Torriani (1960)
Kein Land kann schöner sein: René Carol (1960)
Kiddio: Brook Benton (1960)
Kleine Lucienne: Conny (1960)
Komm bald wieder: Peter Alexander (1960)
Kriminal-Tango: Ralf Bendix (Osterwald-Sextett) (1960)
La Bella: Rocco Granata (1960)
La guitarra brasiliana: Freddy Quinn (1960)
Lady Luck: Lloyd Price (1960)
Last Date: Floyd Cramer (1960)
Leila: Regento Stars (1960)
Let It Be Me: Everly Brothers (1960)
Let The Little Girl Dance: Billy Bland (1960)
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (1960)
Let's Have A Party: Wanda Jackson (1960)
Let's Think About Living: Bob Luman (1960)
Like Strangers: Everly Brothers (1960)
Little Bitty Girl: Bobby Rydell (1960)
Little Coco Palm: Jerry Wallace (1960)
Little Donkey: Nina & Frederick (1960)
Lonely Pup (In A Christmas Shop): Adam Faith (1960)
Lonely Teenager: Dion (1960)
Lonely Weekends: Charlie Rich (1960)
Look For A Star: Billy Vaughn Orchestra (1960)
Look For A Star: Deane Hawley (1960)
Look For A Star: Gary Miles (1960)
Lorelei: Lonnie Donegan (1960)
Love Is Like A Violin: Ken Dodd (1960)
Love Walked In: Dinah Washington (1960)
Love You So: Ron Holden (1960)
Lovey Dovey: Buddy Knox (1960)
Lucille: Everly Brothers (1960)
Mack The Knife: Ella Fitzgerald (1960)
Main Theme from "Exodus" (Ari's Theme): Mantovani & His Orchestra (1960)
Mama / Robot Man: Connie Francis (1960)
Man Of Mystery / The Stranger: Shadows (1960)
Many Tears Ago: Connie Francis (1960)
Melodie der Nacht: Freddy Quinn (1960)
Midi-Midinette: Conny (1960)
Midnight Special: Paul Evans (1960)
Milord: Dalida (1960)
Milord: Edith Piaf (1960)
Mission Bell: Donnie Brooks (1960)
Mit 17 fängt das Leben erst an: Ivo Robic (1960)
Mitten im Meer: René Carol (1960)
Mondschein und Liebe: Alice, Ellen & Peter (1960)
Money (That's What I Want): Barrett Strong (1960)
Moonlight: Ted Herold (1960)
Morgen: Ivo Robic (Billy Vaughn) (1960)
Mountain of Love: Harold Dorman (1960)
Mr. Blue: Detlef Engel (1960)
Mr. Custer: Larry Verne (1960)
Mr. Lucky: Henry Mancini & His Orchestra (1960)
Mule Skinner Blues: Fendermen (1960)
Muli-Song: Ivo Robic (1960)
Muß i denn: Gus Backus (1960)
Mustafa: Leo Leandros (1960)
My Dearest Darling: Etta James (1960)
My Girl Josephine: Fats Domino (1960)
My Heart Has A Mind Of Its Own: Connie Francis (1960)
My Home Town: Paul Anka (1960)
My Love For You: Johnny Mathis (1960)
My Old Man's A Dustman: Lonnie Donegan (1960)
Nachts in Rom: Jimmy Makulis (1960)
Natural Born Lover: Fats Domino (1960)
Never on Sunday: Don Costa & His Orchestra (1960)
New Orleans: Gary U.S. Bonds (1960)
Night: Jackie Wilson (1960)
Nine Times Out Of Ten: Cliff Richard (1960)
No If's No Ands: Lloyd Price (1960)
Nobody Loves Me Like You: Flamingos (1960)
North To Alaska: Johnny Horton (1960)
O Dio Mio: Annette (1960)
Oh, Little One: Jack Scott (1960)
Ol' MacDonald: Frank Sinatra (1960)
One of Us (Will Weep Tonight): Patti Page (1960)
Only The Lonely: Roy Orbison (1960)
Outside My Window: Fleetwoods (1960)
Over the Rainbow: Demensions (1960)
Paper Roses: Anita Bryant (1960)
Paper Roses: Kaye Sisters (1960)
Pennies from Heaven: Skyliners (1960)
Penny-Melodie: Jan & Kjeld (1960)
Perfidia: Ventures (1960)
Peter Gunn: Duane Eddy (1960)
Please Don't Tease: Cliff Richard (1960)
Please Help Me, I'm Falling: Hank Locklin (1960)
Poetry In Motion: Johnny Tillotson (1960)
Poor Me: Adam Faith (1960)
Portrait Of My Love: Matt Monro (1960)
Pretty Blue Eyes: Craig Douglas (1960)
Pretty Blue Eyes: Steve Lawrence (1960)
Puppy Love: Paul Anka (1960)
Question: Lloyd Price (1960)
Ramona: Blue Diamonds (1960)
Red Sails In the Sunset: Platters (1960)
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree: Brenda Lee (1960)
Rockin' Little Angel: Ray Smith (1960)
Rocking Goose: Johnny & The Hurricanes (1960)
Rosalie, mußt nicht weinen: Caterina Valente (1960)
Ruby: Ray Charles (1960)
Ruby Duby Du: Tobin Mathews & Co. (1960)
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: Chipmunks (1960)
Run Red Run: Coasters (1960)
Run Samson Run: Neil Sedaka (1960)
Runaround: Fleetwoods (1960)
Sad Mood: Sam Cooke (1960)
Sag warum: Camillo (1960)
Sailor (Your Home Is The Sea): Lolita (1960)
Sandy: Larry Hall (1960)
Save The Last Dance For Me: Drifters (1960)
Schau ich zum Himmelszelt: Caterina Valente (1960)
Schlafe, mein Prinzchen: Papa Bue's Viking Jazzband (1960)
Seemann deine Heimat: Lolita (1960)
Shasam!: Duane Eddy (1960)
Shop Around: Miracles (1960)
Sie: Gerhard Wendland (1960)
Sieben Wochen nach Bombay: Rex Gildo (1960)
Sink The Bismarck: Johnny Horton (1960)
Sixteen Reasons: Connie Stevens (1960)
Sleep: Little Willie John (1960)
Smokie (Part 2): Bill Black's Combo (1960)
So Sad: Everly Brothers (1960)
Someone Else's Baby: Adam Faith (1960)
Stairway to Heaven: Neil Sedaka (1960)
Standing On The Corner: King Brothers (1960)
Starbright: Johnny Mathis (1960)
Starry Eyed: Michael Holliday (1960)
Stay: Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs (1960)
Step by Step: Crests (1960)
Sterne der Prärie: Lolita (1960)
Sticks and Stones: Ray Charles (1960)
Strawberry Fair: Anthony Newley (1960)
String Along: Fabian (1960)
Stuck On You: Elvis Presley (1960)
Summer Set: Monty Kelly & His Orchestra (1960)
Summer Set: Mr. Acker Bilk (1960)
Summer's Gone: Paul Anka (1960)
Sway: Bobby Rydell (1960)
Swingin' On A Rainbow: Frankie Avalon (1960)
Swingin' School: Bobby Rydell (1960)
T.L.C. (Tender Love and Care): Jimmie Rodgers (1960)
Ta Ta: Clyde McPhatter (1960)
Teen Angel: Mark Dinning (1960)
Tell Laura I Love Her: Ray Peterson (1960)
Tell Laura I Love Her: Ricky Valance (1960)
That's All I Gotta Do: Brenda Lee (1960)
That's You: Nat "King" Cole (1960)
The Heart Of A Teenage Girl: Craig Douglas (1960)
The Madison: Al Brown's Tunetoppers featuring Cookie Brown (1960)
The Madison Time (Part 1): Ray Bryant Combo (1960)
The Old Lamplighter: Browns (1960)
The Same One: Brook Benton (1960)
The Three Bells: Paul Anka (1960)
The Ties That Bind: Brook Benton (1960)
The Village Of St.Bernadette: Andy Williams (1960)
Theme for Young Lovers: Percy Faith & His Orchestra (1960)
Theme From "A Summer Place": Percy Faith (1960)
Theme From The Apartment: Ferrante & Teicher (1960)
There's Something on Your Mind (Part 2): Bobby Marchan (1960)
Things Ain't Wot They Used T' Be: Max Bygraves (1960)
Think: James Brown & The Famous Flames (1960)
This Bitter Earth: Dinah Washington (1960)
This Magic Moment: Drifters (1960)
Three Nights a Week: Fats Domino (1960)
Three Steps To Heaven: Eddie Cochran (1960)
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport: Rolf Harris (1960)
Time and the River: Nat "King" Cole (1960)
Tingelingeling, mein Banjo singt: Jan & Kjeld (1960)
Togetherness: Frankie Avalon (1960)
Tonight's The Night: Shirelles (1960)
Too Much Tequila: Champs (1960)
Tracy's Theme: Spencer Ross (1960)
Train of Love: Annette with The Afterbeats (1960)
Trouble in Paradise: Crests (1960)
Unter dem Doppeladler: Billy Vaughn (1960)
Va bene: Peter Kraus (Rex Gildo) (1960)
Voice In The Wilderness: Cliff Richard (1960)
Volare: Bobby Rydell (1960)
Wait for Me: Playmates (1960)
Walk Don't Run: Ventures (1960)
Walking To New Orleans: Fats Domino (1960)
Weit ist der Weg: Freddy Quinn (1960)
What A Mouth: Tommy Steele (1960)
What Am I Living For: Conway Twitty (1960)
What In The World's Come Over You: Jack Scott (1960)
When Johnny Comes Marching Home / Mad You: Adam Faith (1960)
When Will I Be Loved ?: Everly Brothers (1960)
When You Wish Upon a Star: Dion & The Belmonts (1960)
Where Are You: Frankie Avalon (1960)
Where or When: Dion & The Belmonts (1960)
White Silver Sands: Bill Black's Combo (1960)
Why: Anthony Newley (1960)
Wild One: Bobby Rydell (1960)
Wir werden uns finden: Heidi Brühl (1960)
Wir wollen niemals auseinandergehn: Heidi Brühl (1960)
Wonderful World: Sam Cooke (1960)
Wonderland By Night: Bert Keampfert (1960)
Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey: Bobby Darin (1960)
Wunderland bei Nacht: Bert Kaempfert (1960)
Yes Sir, That's My Baby: Ricky Nelson (1960)
Yogi: Ivy Three (1960)
You Are the Only One: Ricky Nelson (1960)
You Talk Too Much: Joe Jones (1960)
Young Emotions: Ricky Nelson (1960)
You're Sixteen: Johnny Burnette (1960)
Zu viel Tequila (Too Much Tequila): Caterina Valente (The Champs) (1960)
Zwei Täler weiter: Geschwister Fahrnberger (1960)
Zwischen den Bergen: Geschwister Fahrnberger (1960)


(Dance the) Mess Around: Chubby Checker (1961)
(Ghost) Riders In the Sky: Ramrods (1961)
(He's My) Dreamboat: Connie Francis (1961)
(He's) the Great Impostor: Fleetwoods (1961)
(I Don't Know Why) But I Do: Clarence "Frogman" Henry (1961)
(I Wanna) Love My Life Away: Gene Pitney (1961)
(Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame: Elvis Presley (1961)
(The Graduation Song) Pomp and Circumstance: Adrian Kimberly (1961)
A Girl Like You: Cliff Richard (1961)
A Hunderd Pounds Of Clay: Gene McDaniels (1961)
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay: Craig Douglas (1961)
A Little Bit of Soap: Jarmels (1961)
A Tear: Gene McDaniels (1961)
A Wonder Like You: Rick Nelson (1961)
Adieu - Lebe wohl - Goodbye: Gerd Böttcher (1961)
African Waltz: Johnny Dankworth (1961)
Ahoi Ohe: Blue Diamonds (Allisons) (1961)
Ain't That Just Like a Woman: Fats Domino (1961)
All in My Mind: Maxine Brown (1961)
Als ich ein kleiner Junge war: Peter Steffen (1961)
Am Missouri: Tramps (1961)
Am Sonntag will mein Süßer mit mir segeln geh'n: Old Merry Tale Jazzband (1961)
Amor: Ben E. King (1961)
And The Heavens Cried: Anthony Newley (1961)
Angel Baby: Rosie & The Originals (1961)
Angel on My Shoulder: Shelby Flint (1961)
Anna: Jörgen Ingmann (1961)
Anybody But Me: Brenda Lee (1961)
Apache: Jörgen Ingmann (1961)
Are You Sure: Allisons (1961)
As If I Didn't Know: Adam Wade (1961)
Asia Minor: Kokomo (1961)
Auf Wiedersehn: Gus Backus (1961)
Baby Blue: Echoes (1961)
Baby It's You: Shirelles (1961)
Baby Sittin' Boogie: Buzz Clifford (1961)
Baby's First Christmas: Connie Francis (1961)
Babysitter-Boogie: Buzz Clifford (1961)
Babysitter-Boogie: Ralf Bendix (1961)
Barbara Ann: Regents (1961)
Berlin-Melodie (Berliner Polka): Billy Vaughn (Botho Lucas Chor) (1961)
Better Tell Him No: Starlets (1961)
Bewildered: James Brown & The Famous Flames (1961)
Big Bad John: Jimmy Dean (1961)
Big Cold Wind: Pat Boone (1961)
Big John (Ain't You Gonna Marry Me): Shirelles (1961)
Bist du einsam heut' nacht: Peter Alexander (1961)
Bless You: Tony Orlando (1961)
Blue Melodie: Peter Kraus (1961)
Blue Moon: Marcels (1961)
Bonanza: Al Caiola & His Orchestra (1961)
Brass Buttons: String-A-Longs (1961)
Breakin' In A Brand New Broken Heart: Connie Francis (1961)
Bristol Stomp: Dovells (1961)
But I Do: Clarence "Frogman" Henry (1961)
Cafè Oriental: Vico Torriani (Bill Ramsey) (1961)
Calcutta: Lawrence Welk (1961)
Calendar Girl: Neil Sedaka (1961)
Candy Man: Roy Orbison (1961)
Corinna Corinna: Peter Beil (Ray Peterson) (1961)
Count Every Star: Donnie & The Dreamers (1961)
Crazy: Patsy Cline (1961)
Crying: Roy Orbison (1961)
Cupid: Sam Cooke (1961)
Da sprach der alte Häuptling der Indianer: Gus Backus (1961)
Daddy's Home: Shep & The Limelites (1961)
Dance on Little Girl: Paul Anka (1961)
Danke für die Blumen: Siw Malmqvist (1961)
Dankeschön - Bitteschön - Wiedersehn: Eddie Wilson (1961)
Das kann gefährlich sein: Lonny Kellner & Peter Frankenfeld (1961)
Dedicated To The One I Love: Shirelles (1961)
Denn sie fahren hinaus auf das Meer: Peggy Brown (1961)
Der Mann im Mond: Gus Backus (1961)
Der Sheriff von Arkansas: Caterina Valente (1961)
Don't Bet Money Honey: Linda Scott (1961)
Don't Blame Me: Everly Brothers (1961)
Don't Cry, Baby: Etta James (1961)
Don't Treat Me Like A Child: Helen Shapiro (1961)
Don't Worry: Marty Robbins (1961)
Dreamy Eyes: Johnny Tillotson (1961)
Drei weiße Birken: Monika & Peter (1961)
Dum Dum: Brenda Lee (1961)
Ebony Eyes: Everly Brothers (1961)
Ein Engel ohne Flügel: Detlef Engel (1961)
Ein kleines Haus: Lind, Gitta (1961)
Ein Schiff fährt nach Schanghai (Die blaue See): Blue Diamonds (1961)
Ein Seemannsherz: Caterina Valente (1961)
Eine Insel für zwei: Connie Francis (1961)
Einmal komm ich wieder: Connie Francis (1961)
Elisabeth Serenade: Günter Kallmann (1961)
Emotions: Brenda Lee (1961)
Everlovin': Rick Nelson (1961)
Every Beat Of My Heart: Gladys Knight & The Pips (1961)
Exodus: Eddie Harris (1961)
F.B.I.: Shadows (1961)
Fell in Love on Monday: Fats Domino (1961)
Find Another Girl: Jerry Butler (1961)
Flaming Star: Elvis Presley (1961)
Fool # 1: Brenda Lee (1961)
Foot Stomping (Part 1): Flares (1961)
For My Baby: Brook Benton (1961)
Frankie and Johnny: Brook Benton (1961)
Frightened City: Shadows (1961)
Frogg: Brothers Four (1961)
Funny: Maxine Brown (1961)
Gee Whiz: Innocents (1961)
Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes): Carla Thomas (1961)
Gee Whiz It's You: Cliff Richard (1961)
Get Lost: Eden Kane (1961)
Ginnie Bell: Paul Dino (1961)
Girl of My Best Friend: Ral Donner & The Starfires (1961)
God, Country and My Baby: Johnny Burnette (1961)
Good Time Baby: Bobby Rydell (1961)
Goodbye Cruel World: James Darren (1961)
Gypsy Woman: Impressions (1961)
Halfway To Paradise: Billy Fury (1961)
Halfway to Paradise: Tony Orlando (1961)
Hämmerchen-Polka: Chris Howland (1961)
Happy Birthday Blues: Kathy Young with The Innocents (1961)
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen: Neil Sedaka (1961)
Hats Off To Larry: Del Shannon (1961)
Have A Drink On Me: Lonnie Donegan (1961)
Heartaches: Marcels (1961)
Hearts Of Stone: Bill Black's Combo (1961)
Hello Mary-Lou: Ricky Nelson (Jan & Kjeld) (1961)
Hello Walls: Faron Young (1961)
Hello, Mary Lou: Jan & Kjeld (1961)
Hello, Mary-Lou: Ricky-Boys (1961)
Hey! Little Girl: Del Shannon (1961)
Hide Away: Freddy King (1961)
His Latest Flame / Little Sister: Elvis Presley (1961)
Hit The Road Jack: Ray Charles (1961)
HITCH-HIKER: Bobby Curtola (1961)
How Many Tears: Bobby Vee (1961)
Hüh-a-hoh - vier Schimmel, ein Wagen: Trio Kolenka (1961)
Hurt: Timi Yuro (1961)
I Count the Tears: Drifters (1961)
I Don't Know Why: Linda Scott (1961)
I Don't Want to Cry: Chuck Jackson (1961)
I Don't Want to Take a Chance: Mary Wells (1961)
I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven: Tex Ritter (1961)
I Feel So Bad: Elvis Presley (1961)
I Just Don't Understand: Ann Margret (1961)
I Know: Barbara George (1961)
I Like It Like That: Chris Kenner (1961)
I Love How You Love Me: Paris Sisters (1961)
I Really Love You: Stereos (1961)
I Understand Just How You Feel: G-Clefs (1961)
I Wanna Thank You: Bobby Rydell (1961)
Ich bin für die Liebe nicht zu jung: Conny (1961)
I'd Never Find Another You: Billy Fury (1961)
If You Gotta Make a Fool of Somebody: James Ray (1961)
I'll Be There: Damita Jo (1961)
I'll Get By: Shirley Bassey (1961)
I'm a Fool to Care: Joe Barry (1961)
I'm A Telling You: Jerry Butler (1961)
I'm Comin' on Back to You: Jackie Wilson (1961)
I'm Gonna Knock on Your Door: Eddie Hodges (1961)
I'm in the Mood for Love: Chimes (1961)
In einem Polenstädtchen: Die Sonntagssänger (1961)
In Honolulu: Die Musketiere (Die Gassenhauer) (1961)
In the Middle of a Heartache: Wanda Jackson (1961)
Irena: Rocco Granata (1961)
It Keeps Rainin': Fats Domino (1961)
It's Gonna Work Out Fine: Ike & Tina Turner (1961)
I've Told Every Little Star: Linda Scott (1961)
Jealousy: Billy Fury (1961)
Jedes Mädchen auf Erden: Peter Kraus (1961)
Jeremiah Peabody's Poly Unsaturated ... Pills: Ray Stevens (1961)
Jimmy's Girl: Johnny Tillotson (1961)
Jingle Bell Rock: Bobby Rydell & Chubby Checker (1961)
Johnny Remember Me: John Leyton (1961)
Jura (I Swear I Love You): Les Paul & Mary Ford (1961)
Just For Old Time's Sake: McGuire Sisters (1961)
Just Out of Reach (of My Two Open Arms): Solomon Burke (1961)
Kissin' on the Phone: Paul Anka (1961)
Kommt ein Schiff nach Amsterdam: Caterina Valente (1961)
Kon-Tiki: Shadows (1961)
La Paloma: Freddy Quinn (1961)
Language of Love: John D. Loudermilk (1961)
Last Night: Mar-Keys (1961)
Lazy River: Bobby Darin (1961)
Let Me Belong to You: Brian Hyland (1961)
Let the Four Winds Blow: Fats Domino (1961)
Let There Be Drums: Sandy Nelson (1961)
Let's Get Together: Hayley Mills (1961)
Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night): Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (1961)
Let's Twist Again: Chubby Checker (1961)
Liebe kleine Stadt: Willy Hagara (1961)
Little Boy Sad: Johnny Burnette (1961)
Little Devil: Neil Sedaka (1961)
Little Egypt (Ying-Yang): Coasters (1961)
Little Sister: Elvis Presley (1961)
Lonely Man: Elvis Presley (1961)
Look in My Eyes: Chantels (1961)
Lost Love: H.B. Barnum (1961)
Love Theme from "One Eyed Jacks": Ferrante & Teicher (1961)
Lovers' Island: Blue Jays (1961)
Lullaby of Love: Frank Gari (1961)
Mama Said: Shirelles (1961)
Marcheta: Karl Denver (1961)
Mariandl: Conny (1961)
Matrosen aus Pyräus: Lale Andersen (Caterina Valente) (1961)
Mein Vater war ein Cowboy: Conny (1961)
Mexicali Rose: Karl Denver (1961)
Mexico: Bob Moore (1961)
Michael (Row the Boat Ashore): Highwaymen (1961)
Michael Row The Boat / Lumbered: Lonnie Donegan (1961)
Missing You: Ray Peterson (1961)
Missouri Cowboy: Peter Alexander & Bill Ramsey (1961)
Missouri-Cowboy: Bill Ramsey (1961)
Model Girl: Johnny Maestro, The Voice of The Crests (1961)
Moody River: Pat Boone (1961)
Moon River: Danny Williams (1961)
Moon River: Jerry Butler (1961)
More Money for You and Me (Medley): Four Preps (1961)
More Than I Can Say / Staying In: Bobby Vee (1961)
Morgen bist du alle Sorgen los: James Brothers (1961)
Mother-In-Law: Ernie K-Doe (1961)
My Empty Arms: Jackie Wilson (1961)
My Friend The Sea: Petula Clark (1961)
My Kind of Girl: Matt Monro (1961)
My Last Date (with You): Skeeter Davis (1961)
My True Story: Jive Five (1961)
Nag: Halos (1961)
Nature Boy: Bobby Darin (1961)
No One: Connie Francis (1961)
Oh Billy Billy Black: Gerd Böttcher & Detlef Engel (1961)
Ole Buttermilk Sky: Bill Black's Combo (1961)
On The Rebound: Floyd Cramer (1961)
Once In Awhile: Chimes (1961)
Once Upon A Time: Rochell & The Candles with Johnny Wyatt (1961)
One Mint Julep: Ray Charles (1961)
One Summer Night: Diamonds (1961)
One Track Mind: Bobby Lewis (1961)
Pasadena: Temperance Seven (1961)
Peanut Butter: Marathons (1961)
Pepe: Caterina Valente (1961)
Pepe: Dalida (1961)
Pepe: Duane Eddy (1961)
Pepe: Willy Hagara (1961)
Pepito: Los Machucambos (1961)
Pigalle: Bill Ramsey (1961)
Please Don't Go: Ral Donner (1961)
Please Love Me Forever: Cathy Jean & The Roommates (1961)
Please Mr. Postman: Marvelettes (1961)
Please Stay: Drifters (1961)
Please Tell Me Why: Jackie Wilson (1961)
Pony Time: Chubby Checker (1961)
Poor Fool: Ike & Tina Turner (1961)
Portrait of My Love: Steve Lawrence (1961)
Pretty Little Angel Eyes: Curtis Lee (1961)
Princess: Frank Gari (1961)
Quarter To Three: Gary U.S. Bonds (1961)
Quite a Party: Fireballs (1961)
Raindrops: Dee Clark (1961)
Rainin' in My Heart: Slim Harpo (1961)
Rama Lama Ding Dong: Edsels (1961)
Reach For The Stars / Climb Ev'ry Mountain: Shirley Bassey (1961)
Right or Wrong: Wanda Jackson (1961)
Rock-a-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody: Aretha Franklin (1961)
Rock-a-Hula Baby ("Twist" Special): Elvis Presley (1961)
Romeo: Petula Clark (1961)
Rosy Oh Rosy (Beim Candlelight): James Brothers (1961)
Rubber Ball: Bobby Vee (1961)
Rubber Ball: Marty Wilde (1961)
Run To Him: Bobby Vee (1961)
Runaround: Regents (1961)
Runaround Sue: Dion & The Belmonts (1961)
Runaway: Del Shannon (1961)
Running Scared: Roy Orbison (1961)
Sacred: Castells (1961)
Sad Movies (Make Me Cry): Sue Thompson (1961)
Sailor: Anne Shelton (1961)
Sailor: Petula Clark (1961)
Salome: Lucas-Quartett (1961)
San Antonio Rose: Floyd Cramer (Die Continentals) (1961)
Saved: LaVern Baker (1961)
Schau nicht auf die Uhr: Barbara Klein (1961)
Schaukellied: Peter Alexander (1961)
Schlager von einst (Potpourri): Die Rixdorfer Sänger (1961)
Schnaps das war sein letztes Wort: Willy Millowitsch (1961)
Schöner fremder Mann: Connie Francis (1961)
School is Out: Gary U.S. Bonds (1961)
Schwarze Rose Rosemarie: Peter Kraus (1961)
Sea of Heartbreak: Don Gibson (1961)
September In the Rain: Dinah Washington (1961)
Shu Rah: Fats Domino (1961)
Small Sad Sam: Phil McLean (1961)
So leben wir: Der flotte Franz (1961)
So Long Baby: Del Shannon (1961)
Some Kind of Wonderful: Drifters (1961)
Something missing: Clark, Petula (1961)
Souvenir d'amour: Lolita (1961)
Spanish Harlem: Ben E. King (1961)
Stand By Me: Ben E. King (1961)
Stayin' In: Bobby Vee (1961)
Stick Shift: Duals (1961)
Stranger On The Shore: Mr. Acker Bilk (1961)
Sucu Sucu: Laurie Johnson (1961)
Sucu Sucu: Ping Ping (1961)
Surrender (Ich such dich auf allen Wegen): Elvis Presley (Gerd Böttcher) (1961)
Sweetheart Guitar: Jimmy Makulis (1961)
Sweets For My Sweet: Drifters (1961)
Take Five: Dave Brubeck Quartet (1961)
Take Good Care Of Her: Adam Wade (1961)
Tanze mit mir in den Morgen: Gerhard Wendland (1961)
Tell Me Why: Belmonts (1961)
Temptation: Everly Brothers (1961)
Tenderly: Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra (1961)
That Old Black Magic: Bobby Rydell (1961)
That's It - I Quit - I'm Movin' On: Sam Cooke (1961)
That's My Home: Mr. Acker Bilk (1961)
That's What Girls Are For: Spinners (1961)
The Astronaut (Parts 1 & 2): Jose Jimenez (1961)
The Bilbao Song: Andy Williams (1961)
The Boll Weevil Song: Brook Benton (1961)
The Continental Walk: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (1961)
The Fish: Bobby Rydell (1961)
The Fly: Chubby Checker (1961)
The Hoochi Coochi Coo: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (1961)
The Lion Sleeps Tonight: Tokens (1961)
The Magnificent Seven: Al Caiola & His Orchestra (1961)
The Majestic: Dion (1961)
The Mountain's High: Dick & Deedee (1961)
The Savage: Shadows (1961)
The Story of My Love: Paul Anka (1961)
The Switch-a-Roo: Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (1961)
The Time Has Come: Adam Faith (1961)
The Wanderer: Dion & The Belmonts (1961)
The Watusi: Vibrations (1961)
The Way You Look Tonight: Lettermen (1961)
The Writing On The Wall: Adam Wade (1961)
Theme For A Dream: Cliff Richard (1961)
Theme From Dixie: Duane Eddy (1961)
There She Goes: Jerry Wallace (1961)
There's A Moon Out Tonight: Capris (1961)
Think Twice: Brook Benton (1961)
This Time: Troy Shondell (1961)
Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You): Little Caesar & The Romans (1961)
Three Hearts in a Tangle: Roy Drusky (1961)
Til': Angels (1961)
Time: Craig Douglas (1961)
Tintarella di luna: Vittorio (Bob Azzam) (1961)
Together: Connie Francis (1961)
Tonight: Ferrante & Teicher (1961)
Tonight (Could Be the Night): Velvets (1961)
Tonight I Fell in Love: Tokens (1961)
Tonight My Love, Tonight: Paul Anka (1961)
Tossin' & Turnin': Bobby Lewis (1961)
Tower Of Strength: Frankie Vaughan (1961)
Tower Of Strength: Gene McDaniels (1961)
Toy Balloons: Russ Conway (1961)
Tragedy: Fleetwoods (1961)
Träumen kann man was man will: Jan & Kjeld (1961)
Travellin' Man: Ricky Nelson (1961)
Triangle: Janie Grant (1961)
Tribute to Buddy Holly: Berry, Mike (1961)
Trust in Me: Etta James (1961)
Über alle sieben Meere: Lolita (1961)
Utopia: Frank Gari (1961)
Vier Schimmel, ein Wagen: Trio Kolenka (1961)
Wait a Minute: Coasters (1961)
Walk On By: Leroy Van Dyke (1961)
Walk Right Back: Everly Brothers (1961)
Walkin' Back To Happiness: Helen Shapiro (1961)
Warpaint: Brook Brothers (1961)
Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen: Hawe Schneider & seine Spree-City-Stompers (1961)
Water Boy: Don Shirley Trio (1961)
Weil du meine große Liebe bist: Gerd Böttcher & Detlef Engel (1961)
Weiße Rosen aus Athen: Nana Mouskouri (1961)
Weites Land: Jimmy Makulis (1961)
Weites Land: Nina & Jimmy (1961)
Well, I Ask You: Eden Kane (1961)
Well, I Told You: Chantels (1961)
Wenn die Sehnsucht nicht wär: Freddy Quinn (1961)
Wenn Du heimkommst: Lale Andersen (1961)
What A Surprise: Johnny Maestro (1961)
What'd I Say: Jerry Lee Lewis (1961)
Wheels: Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra (1961)
Wheels: String-A-Longs (1961)
When Liking Turns to Loving: Ronnie Dove (1961)
When The Girl In Your Arms Is The Girl In Your Heart: Cliff Richard (1961)
When We Get Married: Dreamlovers (1961)
Where The Boys Are: Connie Francis (1961)
Who Am I / This Is It!: Adam Faith (1961)
Who put the Bomb: Viscounts (1961)
Who Put The Bomp: Barry Mann (1961)
Wie damals in Paris: Blue Diamonds (1961)
Wild in the Country: Elvis Presley (1961)
Wild Wind: John Leyton (1961)
Will You Love Me Tomorrow?: Shirelles (1961)
Wings Of A Dove: Ferlin Husky (1961)
Wir lagen vor Madagaskar: Fred & Rolf (1961)
Without You: Johnny Tillotson (1961)
Wooden Heart: Joe Dowell (1961)
Wooden Heart (Muß i denn): Elvis Presley (Gus Backus) (1961)
Ya Ya: Lee Dorsey (1961)
Years from Now: Jackie Wilson (1961)
Yellow Bird: Arthur Lyman Group (1961)
You Always Hurt The One You Love: Clarence "Frogman" Henry (1961)
You Can Depend On Me: Brenda Lee (1961)
You Can Have Her: Roy Hamilton (1961)
You Don´t Know What You Got (Until You Lose It): Ral Donner (1961)
You Don't Know: Helen Shapiro (1961)
You Don't Know What You've Got (Until You Lose It): Ral Donner (1961)
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby: Bobby Darin (1961)
You'll Answer To Me: Cleo Laine (1961)
You'll Never Know: Shirley Bassey (1961)
Your Friends: Dee Clark (1961)
Your Ma Said You Cried in Your Sleep Last Night: Kenny Dino (1961)
Your One and Only Love: Jackie Wilson (1961)
You're Driving Me Crazy: Temperance Seven (1961)
You're the Reason: Bobby Edwards (1961)
Zuckerpuppe: Bill Ramsey (1961)


(Dance with the) Guitar Man: Duane Eddy & The Rebelettes (1962)
(Do the New) Continental: Dovells (1962)
(Girls, Girls, Girls) Made to Love: Eddie Hodges (1962)
(I'm the Girl on) Wolverton Mountain: Jo Ann Campbell (1962)
(I've Got) Bonnie: Bobby Rydell (1962)
(The Man Who Shot) Liberty Valance: Gene Pitney (1962)
A Little Bitty Tear: Burl Ives (1962)
A Picture of you: Joe Brown (1962)
A Steel Guitar and a Glass of Wine: Paul Anka (1962)
A Swingin' Safari: Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra (1962)
A Wonderful Dream: Majors (1962)
Adios Amigo: Sacha Distel (1962)
Ahab, The Arab: Ray Stevens (1962)
Ain't That Funny: Jimmy Justice (1962)
Al Di La: Emillio Pericoli (1962)
All Alone Am I: Brenda Lee (1962)
Alley Cat: Bent Fabric & His Piano (1962)
Alo-ahè: Freddy Quinn (1962)
Am Horizont irgendwo: Nana Mouskouri (1962)
Any Day Now: Chuck Jackson (1962)
Anything That's Part of You: Elvis Presley (1962)
As You Like It: Adam Faith (1962)
Auf meiner kleinen Hacienda: Bob Moore (1962)
Auf meiner Ranch bin ich König: Peter Hinnen (1962)
Auf Wiedersehn Marlen': Bob Moore (1962)
Baby-Twist: Will Brandes (1962)
Ballad Of Paladin: Duane Eddy (1962)
Bandido: Klaus & Wolfram (1962)
Beechwood 4-5789: Marvelettes (1962)
Big Girls Don't Cry: Four Seasons (1962)
Blaues Boot der Sehnsucht (Golden glänzt das Meer): Blue Diamonds (1962)
Blues (Stay Away from Me): Ace Cannon (1962)
Bobby's Girl: Marcie Blane (1962)
Bobby's Girl: Susan Maughan (1962)
Bongo Stomp: Little Joey & The Flips (1962)
Break It To Me Gently: Brenda Lee (1962)
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do: Neil Sedaka (1962)
Bring it On Home to Me: Sam Cooke (1962)
Bristol Twistin' Annie: Dovells (1962)
Call Me Mr. In-Between: Burl Ives (1962)
Can't Help Falling in Love: Elvis Presley (1962)
Caterina: Willy Hagara (Perry Como) (1962)
Chattanooga Choo Choo: Floyd Cramer (1962)
Chip Chip: Gene McDaniels (1962)
Cinderella: Jack Ross (1962)
Cindy's Birthday: Johnny Crawford (1962)
Close to Cathy: Mike Clifford (1962)
Come On Little Angel: Belmonts (1962)
Come Outside: Mike Sarne (1962)
Comin' Home Baby: Mel Torme (1962)
Cry Baby Cry: Angels (1962)
Cryin' In The Rain: Everly Brothers (1962)
Dance On: Shadows (1962)
Dance With The Guitar Man: Duane Eddy (1962)
Dancin' Party: Chubby Checker (1962)
Das Lied vom Angeln: Gus Backus (1962)
Dear Ivan: Jimmy Dean (1962)
Dear Lady Twist: Gary U.S. Bonds (1962)
Dear Lonely Hearts: Nat "King" Cole (1962)
Dear One: Larry Finnegan (1962)
Devil Woman: Marty Robbins (1962)
Die letzte Rose der Prärie: Martin Lauer (1962)
Die Wege der Liebe: Siw Malmqvist (1962)
Dir hat der Mond den Kopf verdreht (Carolin, Carolina): Peter Beil (1962)
Do You Love Me: Contours (1962)
Don't Break the Heart That Loves You: Connie Francis (1962)
Don't Ever Change: Crickets (1962)
Don't Go Near the Indians: Rex Allen (1962)
Don't Hang Up: Orlons (1962)
Don't Make Me Over: Dionne Warwick (1962)
Don't Play That Song (You Lied): Ben E. King (1962)
Don't That Beat All: Adam Faith (1962)
Do-Re-Mi: Lee Dorsey (1962)
Dream Baby: Roy Orbison (1962)
Drums Are My Beat: Sandy Nelson (1962)
Du läßt dich geh'n: Charles Aznavour (1962)
Duke of Earl: Gene Chandler (1962)
Ein Dutzend and're Männer: Gerd Böttcher (1962)
Ein ganzes Leben lang: Ivo Robic (1962)
Ein Herz das kann man nicht kaufen: Margot Eskens (1962)
Eine Rose aus Santa Monica: Carmela Corren (1962)
Einmal weht der Südwind wieder: Nana Mouskouri (1962)
English Country Garden: Jimmie Rodgers (1962)
Everybody Loves Me But You: Brenda Lee (1962)
Fiesta Brasiliana: Mina (1962)
Follow That Dream: Elvis Presley (1962)
Forget Me Not: Eden Kane (1962)
Fortune Teller: Bobby Curtola (1962)
From A Jack To A King: Ned Miller (1962)
Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen: Walter & Agathe (1962)
Funny How Time Slips Away: Jimmy Elledge (1962)
Funny Way of Laughin': Burl Ives (1962)
Für Gaby tu ich alles: Gerd Böttcher (1962)
Gaucho Mexicano (Jalisco): Renate & Werner Leismann (John Buck) (1962)
Geh nicht vorbei (Walk On By): Rex Gildo (Leroy van Dyke) (1962)
Geld wie Heu (Johnny Will): Gerd Böttcher (Pat Boone) (1962)
Gina: Johnny Mathis (1962)
Ginny Come Lately (Küsse im Mondschein): Bryan Hyland (Jan & Kjeld) (1962)
Go Away Little Girl: Mark Wynter (1962)
Good Luck Charm: Elvis Presley (1962)
Gravy (For My Mashed Potatos): Dee Dee Sharp (1962)
Green Leaves of Summer: Kenny Ball & the Jazzmen (1962)
Green Onions: Booker T. & The MG's (1962)
Guitar Man: Duane Eddy (1962)
Guitar Tango: Shadows (1962)
Half Heaven - Half Heartache: Gene Pitney (1962)
Happy Josè: Jack Ross (Jack Collier) (1962)
Have a Good Time: Sue Thompson (1962)
Having A Party: Sam Cooke (1962)
Hawaii Tattoo: Waikikis (1962)
Heart in Hand: Brenda Lee (1962)
Heißer Sand: Mina (1962)
Her Royal Majesty: James Darren (1962)
Here Comes That Feeling: Brenda Lee (1962)
He's A Rebel: Crystals (1962)
Hey Annabella Susann: Mal Sondock (Candy-Kids) (1962)
Hey! Baby: Bruce Channel (1962)
Hey, Let's Twist: Joey Dee & The Starliters (1962)
Hide & Go Seek (Part 1): Bunker Hill (1962)
Hide 'Nor Hair: Ray Charles (1962)
Hole In The Ground: Bernard Cribbins (1962)
Hully Gully Baby: Dovells (1962)
I Can't Stop Loving You (Ein ganzes Leben lang): Ray Charles (Ivo Robic) (1962)
I Don't Know Why: Eden Kane (1962)
I Know (You Don't Love Me No More): Barbara George (1962)
I Left My Heart In San Francisco: Tony Bennett (1962)
I Love You: Volume's (1962)
I Need Your Loving: Don Gardner & Dee Dee Ford (1962)
I Remember You: Frank Ifield (1962)
I Saw Linda Yesterday: Dickey Lee (1962)
I Sold My Heart to the Junkman: Blue Belles (1962)
I Was Such a Fool (to Fall in Love with You): Connie Francis (1962)
I Wish That We Were Married: Ronnie & The Hi-Lites (1962)
Ich schau den weißen Wolken nach: Nana Mouskouri (1962)
If a Man Answers: Bobby Darin (1962)
I'll Never Dance Again: Bobby Rydell (1962)
I'll See You in My Dreams: Pat Boone (1962)
I'll Try Something New: Miracles (1962)
I'm Blue (The Gong-Gong Song): Ikettes (1962)
I'm Looking Out The Window / Do You Wanna Dance: Cliff Richard (1962)
Irresistible You: Bobby Darin (1962)
Island Of Dreams: Springfields (1962)
It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin': Johnny Tillotson (1962)
It Might As Well Rain Until September: Carole King (1962)
It Only Took A Minute: Joe Brown (1962)
It Started All Over Again: Brenda Lee (1962)
It'll Be Me: Cliff Richard (1962)
It's Up to You: Rick Nelson (1962)
I've Got a Woman (Part 1): Jimmy McGriff (1962)
Jambalaya (On the Bayou): Fats Domino (1962)
James (Hold the Ladder Steady): Sue Thompson (1962)
Jamie: Eddie Holland (1962)
Johnny Angel: Shelly Fabares (1962)
Johnny Get Angry: Joanie Sommers (1962)
Johnny Jingo: Hayley Mills (1962)
Johnny Loves Me: Shelly Fabares (1962)
Johnny Will: Pat Boone (1962)
Junge komm bald wieder: Freddy Quinn (1962)
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby: Little Eva (1962)
Keine Bange Liselotte: Freddy Quinn (1962)
Kleiner Gonzales: Rex Gildo (1962)
Küsse im Mondschein: Jan & Kjeld (1962)
Küsse im Mondschein: Pirko Manola (1962)
Lady Sunshine und Mr. Moon: Conny (1962)
Laß die Liebe aus dem Spiel: Anita Lindblom (1962)
Last Dance: John Buck (1962)
Last Night Was Made For Love: Billy Fury (1962)
Leah: Roy Orbison (1962)
Lemon Tree: Peter, Paul & Mary (1962)
Let Me In: Sensations (1962)
Let's Dance: Chris Montez (1962)
Let's Go (Pony): Routers (1962)
Let's Kiss and Make Up: Bobby Vinton (1962)
Liebe die nie vergeht (Cuando calienta el sol): Vittorio (Los Hermanos) (1962)
Liebe, die nie vergeht: Los Hermanos Rigual (1962)
Liebe, die nie vergeht: Vittorio (1962)
Like I Do: Maureen Evans (1962)
Lili Marleen: Billy Vaughn (Connie Francis) (1962)
Limbo Rock: Champs (1962)
Limbo Rock: Chubby Checker (1962)
Linda: Gus Backus (1962)
Little Black Book: Jimmy Dean (1962)
Little Diane: Dion & The Belmonts (1962)
Little Miss Lonely: Helen Shapiro (1962)
Little Red Rented Rowboat: Joe Dowell (1962)
Little Town Flirt: Del Shannon (1962)
Loop De Loop: Johnny Thunder (1962)
Lost Patrol: Oberst Nicholson's Band (1962)
Love Came To Me: Dion & The Belmonts (1962)
Love Letters: Ketty Lester (1962)
Love Me Do: Beatles (1962)
Love Me Tender: Richard Chamberlain (1962)
Love Me Warm and Tender: Paul Anka (1962)
Lover Please: Clyde McPhatter (1962)
Lovers by Night, Strangers by Day: Fleetwoods (1962)
Lovers Who Wander: Dion & The Belmonts (1962)
Lovesick Blues: Frank Ifield (1962)
Madison in Mexico: Catrins Madison-Club (1962)
Make It Easy On Yourself: Jerry Butler (1962)
Mama Sang a Song: Stan Kenton (1962)
Mama Sang a Song: Walter Brennan (1962)
Mama, hol den Hammer: Ralf Bendix (1962)
March Of The Siamese Children: Kenny Ball (1962)
Mary Ann Regrets: Burl Ives (1962)
Mary-Rose (Ramblin' Rose): Gerhard Wendland (Nat King Cole) (1962)
Mary's Little Lamb: James Darren (1962)
Mashed Potato Time: Dee Dee Sharp (1962)
Maybe You'll Be There: Billy & The Essentials (1962)
Midnight In Moscow: Kenny Ball (1962)
Monsieur: Petula Clark (1962)
Monster Mash: Bobby "Boris" Pickett (1962)
Monsters' Holiday: Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers (1962)
Most People Get Married: Patti Page (1962)
Multiplication: Bobby Darin (1962)
My Boomerang Won't Come Back: Charlie Drake (1962)
My Coloring Book: Kitty Kallen (1962)
My Own True Love: Duprees (1962)
Napoli Melody: Bert Weedon (1962)
Never Goodbye: Karl Denver (1962)
Next Door to an Angel: Neil Sedaka (1962)
No Bier no Wein no Schnaps: Gus Backus (1962)
No More (Sentimental Me): Elvis Presley (1962)
Norman: Sue Thompson (1962)
Nut Rocker: B. Bumble & The Stingers (1962)
Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett: Bill Ramsey (1962)
Old Rivers: Walter Brennan (1962)
Once Upon A Dream: Billy Fury (1962)
Only Love Can Break A Heart: Gene Pitney (1962)
Our Favourite Melodies: Craig Douglas (1962)
P.T. 109: Jimmy Dean (1962)
Palisades Park: Freddie Cannon (1962)
Paradiso (Tu mir nicht weh): Connie Francis (1962)
Party Lights: Claudine Clark (1962)
Patches: Dickey Lee (1962)
Pepino the Italian Mouse: Lou Monte (1962)
Peppermint Twist (Part 1): Joey Dee & The Starliters (1962)
Percolator (Twist): Billy Joe & The Checkmates (1962)
Playboy: Marvelettes (1962)
Please Don't Ask About Barbara: Bobby Vee (1962)
Pop Pop Pop-Pie: Sherrys (1962)
Popeye (The Hitchhiker): Chubby Checker (1962)
Punish Her: Bobby Vee (1962)
Quando quando quando: Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco (1962)
Rain Rain Go Away: Bobby Vinton (1962)
Ramblin' Rose: Nat "King" Cole (1962)
Release Me: Esther Phillips (1962)
Return to Sender: Elvis Presley (1962)
Revenge: Brook Benton (1962)
Ride!: Dee Dee Sharp (1962)
Right Said Fred: Bernard Cribbins (1962)
Rinky Dink: Dave "Baby" Cortez (1962)
Rock A Hula Baby / Can't Help Falling In Love: Elvis Presley (1962)
Rosen sind rot: Caterina Valente (1962)
Roses Are Red: Bobby Vinton (1962)
Roses Are Red: Ronnie Carroll (1962)
Roses Are Red (My Love): Bobby Vinton (1962)
Route 66 Theme: Nelson Riddle & His Orchestra (1962)
Ruby Ann: Marty Robbins (1962)
Rumors: Johnny Crawford (1962)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town: 4 Seasons (1962)
Sarie Marei: Hilo-Hawaiians (1962)
Sauerkraut-Polka: Gus Backus (1962)
Schau mir noch mal in die Augen: Gerhard Wendland (1962)
Schläfst du schon: Gerhard Wendland (1962)
Sealed with a Kiss: Brian Hyland (1962)
Second Hand Love: Connie Francis (1962)
Send Me the Pillow You Dream On: Johnny Tillotson (1962)
Shadrack: Brook Benton (1962)
Shame on Me: Bobby Bare (1962)
Sharing You: Bobby Vee (1962)
She Can't Find Her Keys: Paul Petersen (1962)
She Cried: Jay & The Americans (1962)
Sheila: Tommy Roe (1962)
Sherry: Four Seasons (1962)
She's Everything (I Wanted You to Be): Ral Donner (1962)
She's Got You: Patsy Cline (1962)
She's Not You: Elvis Presley (1962)
Shout - Part I: Joey Dee (1962)
Shout! Shout! (Knock Yourself Out): Ernie Maresca (1962)
Silver Threads and Golden Needles: Springfields (1962)
Slow Twistin': Chubby Checker (1962)
Smoky Places: Corsairs (1962)
Snap Your Fingers: Joe Henderson (1962)
So This Is Love: Castells (1962)
Softly As I Leave You: Matt Monro (1962)
Soldier Boy: Shirelles (1962)
Something's Got a Hold on Me: Etta James (1962)
Soul Twist: King Curtis & The Noble Knights (1962)
Spanish Harlem: Justice, Jimmy (1962)
Spanish Lace: Gene McDaniels (1962)
Speak To Me Pretty: Brenda Lee (1962)
Speedy Gonzales (Kleiner Gonzales): Pat Boone (Rex Gildo) (1962)
St. Tropez-Twist: Peppino di Capri (1962)
Stop the Music: Shirelles (1962)
Stop the Wedding: Etta James (1962)
Stranger On the Shore: Andy Williams (1962)
Stranger On The Shore (Ein fremder Mann): Mr. Acker Bilk (Lale Andersen) (1962)
Striptease-Susi: Ralf Bendix (1962)
Summertime, Summertime: Jamies (1962)
Sun Arise: Rolf Harris (1962)
Surfer's Stomp: Marketts (1962)
Surfin' Safari: Beach Boys (1962)
Susie Darlin': Tommy Roe (1962)
Sweety: Peter Kraus (1962)
Swiss Maid: Del Shannon (1962)
Tag für Tag bekomme ich drei Rosen (Bitte spiel nicht mit mir): Heidi Brühl (1962)
Teach Me Tonight: George Maharis (1962)
Teenage Idol: Ricky Nelson (1962)
Tell Me: Dick & Deedee (1962)
Tell Me What He Said: Helen Shapiro (1962)
Telstar: Tornados (1962)
That Stranger Used to Be My Girl: Trade Martin (1962)
That's Old Fashioned (That's the Way Love Should Be): Everly Brothers (1962)
The Alvin Twist: Chipmunks & David Seville (1962)
The Ballad of Paladin: Duane Eddy (1962)
The Cajun Queen: Jimmy Dean (1962)
The Cha-Cha-Cha: Bobby Rydell (1962)
The Cinnamon Cinder (It's a Very Nice Dance): Pastel Six (1962)
The Crowd: Roy Orbison (1962)
The Greatest Hurt: Jackie Wilson (1962)
The Green Leaves Of Summer: Kenny Ball (1962)
The Little Drummer Boy: Harry Simeone Chorale (1962)
The Loco-Motion: Little Eva (1962)
The Lonely Bull (El Solo Torro): Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass (1962)
The Next Time / Bachelor Boy: Cliff Richard (1962)
The Night Has A Thousand Eyes: Bobby Vee (1962)
The One Who Really Loves You: Mary Wells (1962)
The Party's Over: Lonnie Donegan (1962)
The Push and Kick: Mark Valentino (1962)
The Stripper: David Rose & His Orchestra (1962)
The Twist: Chubby Checker (1962)
The Wah-Watusi: Orions (1962)
The Young Ones (Ein junges Herz): Cliff Richard (Peter Kraus) (1962)
Theme from "Ben Casey": Valjean (1962)
Theme from "Dr. Kildare" (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight): Richard Chamberlain (1962)
Theme From 'Z Cars': Johnny Keating (1962)
There's No Other (Like My Baby): Crystals (1962)
Things: Bobby Darin (1962)
'Till Death Do Us Part: Bob Braun (1962)
To a Sleeping Beauty: Jimmy Dean (1962)
Town Without Pity: Gene Pitney (1962)
Trouble Is My Middle Name: Bobby Vinton (1962)
Tu mir nicht weh: Connie Francis (1962)
Tuff: Ace Cannon (1962)
Turn on Your Love Light: Bobby Bland (1962)
Twist and Shout: Isley Brothers (1962)
Twist, Twist Senora: Gary U.S. Bonds (1962)
Twist-Her: Bill Black's Combo (1962)
Twistin' Matilda: Jimmy Soul (1962)
Twistin' Postman: Marvelettes (1962)
Twistin' the Night Away: Sam Cooke (1962)
Two Lovers: Mary Wells (1962)
Unchain My Heart: Ray Charles (1962)
Up On The Roof: Kenny Lynch (1962)
Uptown: Crystals (1962)
Vacation: Connie Francis (1962)
Venus in Blue Jeans: Jimmy Clanton (1962)
Venus In Blue Jeans: Mark Wynter (1962)
Village of Love: Nathaniel Mayer and The Fabulous Twilights (1962)
Violetta: Jörgen Ingmann (1962)
Walk On the Wild Side (Part 1): Jimmy Smith & The Big Band (1962)
Wann kommt der Tag: Carmela Corren (1962)
Warmed Over Kisses (Left Over Love): Brian Hyland (1962)
Weine keine Träne um mich, Bella Maria: Carlos Otero (1962)
Welcome Home Baby: Shirelles (1962)
Wenn du gehst: Connie Francis (1962)
West of the Wall: Miss Toni Fisher (1962)
Western Rose: Peter Kraus (1962)
What Kind of Love Is This: Joey Dee & The Starliters (1962)
What Now My Love: Shirley Bassey (1962)
What'd I Say (Part 1): Bobby Darin (1962)
What's A Matter Baby (Is It Hurting You): Timi Yuro (1962)
What's So Good About Goodbye: Miracles (1962)
What's Your Name: Don & Juan (1962)
When I Fall In Love: Letterman (1962)
When My Little Girl Is Smiling: Craig Douglas (1962)
When My Little Girl Is Smiling: Drifters (1962)
When My Little Girl Is Smiling: Jimmy Justice (1962)
When the Boy in Your Arms (Is the Boy in Your Heart): Connie Francis (1962)
Where Are You: Dinah Washington (1962)
Where Do You Go: Cher (1962)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone: Kingston Trio (1962)
Wild Weekend: Rebels (1962)
Wimoweh: Karl Denver (1962)
Wolverton Mountain: Claude King (1962)
Wonderful Land: Shadows (1962)
Wonderful World Of The Young: Danny Williams (1962)
Workin' for the Man: Roy Orbison (1962)
Ya Ya: Joey Dee (1962)
Ya Ya Twist: Clark, Petula (1962)
Yes My Darling Daughter: Eydie Gorme (1962)
You Are Mine: Frankie Avalon (1962)
You Are My Sunshine: Ray Charles (1962)
You Beat Me to the Punch: Mary Wells (1962)
You Belong to Me: Duprees (1962)
You Better Move On: Arthur Alexander (1962)
You Don't Know Me: Ray Charles (1962)
YOU REALLY GOT A HOLD ON ME: Miracles (1962)
You Win Again: Fats Domino (1962)
You'll Lose a Good Thing: Barbara Lynn (1962)
Young World: Rick Nelson (1962)
Your Cheatin' Heart: Ray Charles (1962)
Your Nose Is Gonna Grow: Johnny Crawford (1962)
You've Really Got a Hold on Me: Miracles (1962)
Zwei Gitarren am Meer: Billy Vaughn (1962)
Zwei kleine Italiener: Conny (Jan & Kjeld) (1962)


(Down At) Papa Joe's: Dixiebelles with Cornbread & Jerry (1963)
(I Love You) Don't You Forget It: Perry Como (1963)
(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry: Darlene Love (1963)
(You're the) Devil in Disguise: Elvis Presley (1963)
18 Yellow Roses: Bobby Darin (1963)
500 Miles Away From Home: Bobby Bare (1963)
A Love She Can Count On: Miracles (1963)
A Love So Fine: Crystals (1963)
A Walkin' Miracle: Essex (1963)
Abilene: George Hamilton IV (1963)
Ain't That A Shame: 4 Seasons (1963)
Alice in Wonderland: Neil Sedaka (1963)
All I Have To Do Is Dream: Richard Chamberlain (1963)
Allein wie du: Freddy Quinn (1963)
And then he kissed me: Crystals (1963)
Another Saturday Night: Sam Cooke (1963)
Any Other Way: Jackie Shane (1963)
Atlantis: Shadows (1963)
Babalu's Wedding Day: Billy & The Essentials (1963)
Baby Don't You Weep: Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters (1963)
Baby Work Out: Jackie Wilson (1963)
Baby, I Love You: Ronettes (1963)
Baby-Babbel-Bossa-Nova: Will Brandes (1963)
Bachelor Boy: Cliff Richard (1963)
Bad Girl: Neil Sedaka (1963)
Barcarole in der Nacht: Connie Francis (1963)
Be Careful of Stones That You Throw: Dion (1963)
Be My Baby: Ronettes (1963)
Be True To Your School: Beach Boys (1963)
Be True to Yourself: Bobby Vee (1963)
Birdland: Chubby Checker (1963)
Birthday Party: Pixies Three (1963)
Blame It On the Bossa Nova: Eydie Gorme (1963)
Blowin' in the Wind: Peter, Paul & Mary (1963)
Blue Bayou: Roy Orbison (1963)
Blue On Blue: Bobby Vinton (1963)
Blue Velvet: Bobby Vinton (1963)
Bo Diddley: Buddy Holly (1963)
Bo Diddley: Ronnie Hawkins (1963)
Bobby's Girl: Lil Malmqvist (1963)
Bonanza: Ralf Paulsen (1963)
Boss Guitar: Duane Eddy (1963)
Bossa Nova Baby: Elvis Presley (1963)
Brown Eyed Handsome Man: Buddy Holly (1963)
Buona Notte: Rocco Granata (1963)
Bust Out: Busters (1963)
Busted: Ray Charles (1963)
Butterfly Baby: Bobby Rydell (1963)
Call On Me: Bobby Bland (1963)
Can I Get a Witness: Marvin Gaye (1963)
Candy Girl: Four Seasons (1963)
Can't Get Used To Losing You: Andy Williams (1963)
Casanova Baciami: Petula Clark (1963)
Cast Your Fate To The Wind: Vince Guaraldi Trio (1963)
Charade: Henry Mancini & His Orchestra (1963)
Charlena: Richie Knight & Mid-Knights (1963)
Charmaine: Bachelors (1963)
Charms: Bobby Vee (1963)
Cheerio (I Will Follow Him): Petula Clark (Little Peggy March) (1963)
Cigarettes: Anita Lindblom (1963)
Come and Get These Memories: Martha & The Vandellas (1963)
Confessin': Frank Ifield (1963)
Cross Fire!: Orlons (1963)
Cry Baby: Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters (1963)
Cry To Me: Betty Harris (1963)
Da Doo Ron Ron: Crystals (1963)
Danke Schoen: Wayne Newton (1963)
Das kleine Wunder vom großen Glück (Bißchen denken...): Gus Backus (1963)
Deep Purple: Nino Tempo & April Stevens (1963)
Denise: Randy & The Rainbows (1963)
Der Schatz im Silbersee: Medium-Terzett (1963)
Desafinado: Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd (Peter Kraus) (1963)
Desert Pete: Kingston Trio (1963)
Detroit City: Bobby Bare (1963)
Devil In Disguise: Elvis Presley (1963)
Die Nacht ist mein: Connie Francis (1963)
Do the Bird: Dee Dee Sharp (1963)
Do You Love Me: Brian Poole & The Tremeloes (1963)
Do You Love Me: Dave Clark Five (1963)
Dominique: Singing Nun (1963)
Dominique: Soeur Sourire (1963)
Donna the Prima Donna: Dion & The Belmonts (1963)
Don't Be Afraid, Little Darlin': Steve Lawrence (1963)
Don't Say Goodnight and Mean Goodbye: Shirelles (1963)
Don't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby): Cookies (1963)
Don't Set Me Free: Ray Charles (1963)
Don't Talk To Him: Cliff Richard (1963)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right: Peter, Paul & Mary (1963)
Don't You Think It's Time?: Mike Berry (1963)
Down the Aisle (Wedding Song): Patti LaBelle & The Blue Belles (1963)
Drag City: Jan & Dean (1963)
Drei Musketiere: Conny (1963)
Drip Drop: Dion & The Belmonts (1963)
Drownin' My Sorrows: Connie Francis (1963)
Easier Said Than Done: Essex (1963)
Ein Souvenir: Peter Kraus (1963)
End of the World: Skeeter Davis (1963)
Er macht mich krank, der Mondschein an der Donau: Gus Backus (1963)
Es gibt kein Bier auf Hawaii: Paul Kuhn (1963)
Eso Beso: Paul Anka (1963)
Every Step of the Way: Johnny Mathis (1963)
Everybody Loves a Lover: Shirelles (1963)
Falling: Roy Orbison (1963)
Fingertips: Stevie Wonder (1963)
First Quarrel: Paul & Paula (1963)
Foolish Little Girl: Shirelles (1963)
Foot Tapper: Shadows (1963)
For Your Precious Love: Garnet Mimms & The Enchanters (1963)
Forever: Marvelettes (1963)
Forget Him: Bobby Rydell (1963)
Frankie and Johnny: Sam Cooke (1963)
From Me To You: Beatles (1963)
Gartenzwerg-Marsch: Billy Sanders (1963)
Geh nicht zu den Indios: Gunnar Wiklund (1963)
Globetrotter: Tornados (1963)
Go Away Little Girl: Steve Lawrence (1963)
Goodnight My Love: Fleetwoods (1963)
Green, Green: New Christy Minstrels (1963)
Harry the Hairy Ape: Ray Stevens (1963)
Have You Heard: Duprees (1963)
He So Fine: Chiffons (1963)
Heat Wave: Martha & The Vandellas (1963)
Hello Little Girl: Fourmost (1963)
Hello Mudduh Hello Faddah: Alan Sherman (1963)
Hello Stranger: Barbara Lewis (1963)
He's So Fine: Chiffons (1963)
He's Sure the Boy I Love: Crystals (1963)
Hey Little Cobra: Rip Chords (1963)
Hey Paula (Hey Vivi, hey Gerhard): Paul & Paula (Vivi Bach & Gerhard Wendland) (1963)
Hey There Lonely Boy: Ruby & The Romantics (1963)
Hey, Girl: Freddie Scott (1963)
Hitch Hike: Marvin Gaye (1963)
Honolulu Lulu: Jan & Dean (1963)
Hootenanny: Glencoves (1963)
Hopeless: Andy Williams (1963)
Hot Pastrami with Mashed Potatoes (Part 1): Joey Dee & The Starliters (1963)
Hotel Happiness: Brook Benton (1963)
How Do You Do It?: Gerry & The Pacemakers (1963)
I (Who Have Nothing): Ben E. King (1963)
I (Who Have Nothing): Shirley Bassey (1963)
I Adore Him: Angels (1963)
I Can't Stay Mad At You: Skeeter Davis (1963)
I Got What I Wanted: Brook Benton (1963)
I Gotta Dance to Keep from Crying: Miracles (1963)
I Love You: Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco (Perry Como) (1963)
I Love You Because: Al Martino (1963)
I Only Want To Be With You: Dusty Springfield (1963)
I Wanna Be Around: Tony Bennett (1963)
I Want to Stay Here: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme (1963)
I Will Follow Him: Little Peggy March (1963)
I Wish I Were a Princess: Little Peggy March (1963)
I Wonder: Brenda Lee (1963)
I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight: Barry & The Tamerlanes (1963)
Ich geh noch zur Schule: Manuela (1963)
Ich kauf' mir lieber einen Tirolerhut: Billy Mo (1963)
Ich will 'nen Cowboy als Mann: Gitte (1963)
If I Had A Hammer: Peter Paul & Mary (1963)
If I Had A Hammer: Trini Lopez (1963)
If My Pillow Could Talk: Connie Francis (1963)
If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody: Freddie & The Dreamers (1963)
If You Need Me: Solomon Burke (1963)
If You Wanna Be Happy: Jimmy Soul (1963)
I'll Take You Home: Drifters (1963)
Im kleinen Dorf am Rio Grande: Geschwister Leismann (1963)
I'm Leaving It Up to You: Dale & Grace (1963)
Im Tal der blauen Berge (Dann nehm ich mein Lasso...): Peter Hinnen (1963)
In Dreams: Roy Orbison (1963)
In My Room: Beach Boys (1963)
In Summer: Billy Fury (1963)
It's All in the Game: Cliff Richard (1963)
It's All Right: Impressions (1963)
It's My Party: Lesley Gore (1963)
Jim und Joe: Martin Lauer (1963)
Judy's Turn to Cry: Lesley Gore (1963)
Just like Eddie: Heinz (1963)
Just Like Me: Hollies (1963)
Just One Look: Doris Troy (1963)
Killer Joe: Rocky Fellers (1963)
Kiss Me Quick: Elvis Presley (Udo Jürgens) (1963)
Kleine Nervensäge Monika (Lover's Lane): Peter Beil (Pat Boone) (1963)
Laß mich noch einmal in die Ferne (Allein wie du): Freddy Quinn (1963)
Laughing Boy: Mary Wells (1963)
Let It Rock / Memphis Tennessee: Chuck Berry (1963)
Let's Go Steady Again: Neil Sedaka (1963)
Let's Limbo Some More: Chubby Checker (1963)
Let's Slop: Mike Roger (Tony Sheridan) (1963)
Let's Turkey Trot: Little Eva (1963)
Letter from Sherry: Dale Ward (1963)
Like I've Never Been Gone: Billy Fury (1963)
Linda: Jan & Dean (1963)
Listen To Me: Searchers (1963)
Little Band of Gold: James Gilreath (1963)
Little Deuce Coupe: Beach Boys (1963)
Little Red Rooster: Sam Cooke (1963)
Loddy Lo: Chubby Checker (1963)
Loop-De-Loop: Frankie Vaughan (1963)
Losing You: Brenda Lee (1963)
Louie Louie: Kingsmen (1963)
Lucky Lips: Cliff Richard (1963)
Lup-di-lu: Caterina Valente & Silvio Francesco (1963)
Maddalena: Rex Gildo (1963)
Make The World Go Away: Timi Yuro (1963)
Mama Didn't Lie: Jan Bradley (1963)
Männer gibt's wie Sand am Meer: Nora Nova (1963)
Maria Elena: Los Indios Tabajaras (1963)
Marlena: Four Seasons (1963)
Martain Hop: Ran-Dells (1963)
Maskenball bei Scotland Yard: Bill Ramsey (1963)
Mean Woman Blues: Roy Orbison (1963)
Mecca: Gene Pitney (1963)
Mein Schimmel wartet im Himmel: Gus Backus (1963)
Meine Braut die kann das besser: Gerd Böttcher (1963)
Memphis: Lonnie Mack (1963)
Mickey's Monkey: Miracles (1963)
Midnight Mary: Joey Powers (1963)
Mille mille grazie: Petula Clark (1963)
Misty: Lloyd Price (1963)
Mitsou: Jacqueline Boyer (1963)
Mockingbird: Inez & Charlie Foxx (1963)
Moonlight Tango: Mr. Acker Bilk (1963)
More: Kai Winding (1963)
Mr. Casanova: Siw Malmqvist (1963)
My Boyfriend's Back: Angels (1963)
My Dad: Paul Peterson (1963)
My Summer Love: Ruby & The Romantics (1963)
My True Confession: Brook Benton (1963)
My Whole World Is Falling Down: Brenda Lee (1963)
Needles & Pins: Jackie DeShannon (1963)
New Mexican Rose: 4 Seasons (1963)
No No: Joey Dee (1963)
No One: Ray Charles (1963)
Nobody's Darlin' But Mine: Frank Ifield (1963)
Not Me: Orlons (1963)
Nummer eins in meinem Herzen: Peter Beil (1963)
On Broadway: Drifters (1963)
On Top Of Spaghetti: Tom Glazer (1963)
One Broken Heart for Sale: Elvis Presley (1963)
One Fine Day: Chiffons (1963)
Only in America: Jay & The Americans (1963)
Our Day Will Come: Ruby & The Romantics (1963)
Our Winter Love: Bill Pursell (1963)
Out Of Limits: Marketts (1963)
Out Of My Mind: Johnny Tillotson (1963)
Over The Mountain, Across The Sea: Bobby Vinton (1963)
Painted, Tainted Rose: Al Martino (1963)
Part Time Love: Little Johnny Taylor (1963)
Peanuts: Four Seasons (1963)
Pepino: Vico Torriani (1963)
Peter und Lou (Ich steige dir aufs Dach): Francoise Hardy (1963)
Pipeline: Chantays (1963)
Poor Little Rich Girl: Steve Lawrence (1963)
Pretty Paper: Roy Orbison (1963)
Pride And Joy: Marvin Gaye (1963)
Prisoner Of Love: James Brown & The Famous Flames (1963)
Proud: Johnny Crawford (1963)
Puff the Magic Dragon: Peter, Paul & Mary (1963)
Red Sails In the Sunset: Fats Domino (1963)
Reverend Mr. Black: Kingston Trio (1963)
Rhythm Of The Rain: Cascades (1963)
Ring Of Fire: Johnny Cash (1963)
Roll over Beethoven: Berry, Chuck (1963)
Rosen haben Dornen: Carmela Corren (1963)
Rosmarie: Pat Boone (1963)
Rote Korallen: Nana Mouskouri (1963)
Rote Lippen soll man küssen: Cliff Richard (1963)
Ruby Baby: Dion & The Belmonts (1963)
Sag mir wo die Blumen sind: Marlene Dietrich (1963)
Sally, Go 'Round The Roses: Jaynetts (1963)
Saturday Night: New Christy Minstrels (1963)
Say I Won't Be There: Springfields (1963)
Say Wonderful Things: Ronnie Carroll (1963)
Schuld war nur der Bossa Nova: Manuela (1963)
Schwarzer Kater Stanislaus (Alley Cat): Siw Malmqvist (Bent Fabric) (1963)
Searchin': Hollies (1963)
Secret Love: Kathy Kirby (1963)
See See Rider: LaVern Baker (1963)
She's a Fool: Lesley Gore (1963)
Shindig: Shadows (1963)
Shut Down: Beach Boys (1963)
Siebentausend Rinder: Peter Hinnen (1963)
Since I Fell for You: Lenny Welch (1963)
Six Days On the Road: Dave Dudley (1963)
So Much in Love: Tymes (1963)
Some Kinda Fun: Chris Montez (1963)
Somewhere: Tymes (1963)
South Street: Orlons (1963)
Stay: Hollies (1963)
Stewball: Peter, Paul & Mary (1963)
Still: Bill Anderson (1963)
String Along: Rick Nelson (1963)
Sugar and Spice: Searchers (1963)
Sugar Shack: Fireballs (1963)
Sugar Shack: Jimmy Gilmer (1963)
Sukiyaki: Blue Diamonds (1963)
Sukiyaki: Kenny Ball (1963)
Sukiyaki: Kyu Sakamoto (1963)
Summer Holiday: Cliff Richard (1963)
Surf City: Jan & Dean (1963)
Surfer Girl: Beach Boys (1963)
Surfin' U.S.A.: Beach Boys (1963)
Sweets for my Sweet: Searchers (1963)
Swinging On A Star: Big Dee Irwin with Little Eva (1963)
Take These Chains From My Heart: Ray Charles (1963)
Talk Back Trembling Lips: Johnny Tillotson (1963)
Talk To Me: Sunny & The Sunglows (1963)
Teeny: Drafi Deutscher (1963)
Tell Him: Billie Davis (1963)
Tell Him: Exciters (1963)
That Sunday, That Summer: Nat "King" Cole (1963)
That's How Heartaches Are Made: Baby Washington (1963)
That's the Way Love Is: Bobby Bland (1963)
That's What Love Will Do: Joe Brown (1963)
The Bounce: Olympics (1963)
The Boy Next Door: Secrets (1963)
The End of the World: Skeeter Davis (1963)
The First Time: Adam Faith (1963)
The Folk Singer: Tommy Roe (1963)
The Good Life: Tony Bennett (1963)
The Grass Is Greener: Brenda Lee (1963)
The Gypsy Cried: Lou Christie (1963)
The Kind of Boy You Can't Forget: Raindrops (1963)
The Lonely Surfer: Jack Nitzsche (1963)
The Love of My Man: Theola Kilgore (1963)
The Martian Hop: Ran-Dells (1963)
The Monkey Time: Major Lance (1963)
Theme From The Film 'The Legion's Last Patrol': Ken Thorne (1963)
Then He Kissed Me: Crystals (1963)
There I've Said It Again: Bobby Vinton (1963)
Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days Of Summer: Nat "King" Cole (1963)
THREE ROWS OVER: Bobby Curtola (1963)
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport: Rolf Harris (1963)
Till Then: Classics (1963)
Tom Cat: Rooftop Singers (1963)
Träumen, ist das nicht wunderschön: Grit van Hoog (1963)
True Love Never Runs Smooth: Gene Pitney (1963)
Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa: Gene Pitney (1963)
Twenty Miles: Chubby Checker (1963)
Twist and Shout: Beatles (1963)
Twist And Shout: Brian Poole & The Tremeloes (1963)
Two Faces Have I: Lou Christie (1963)
Two Kinds Of Teardrops: Del Shannon (1963)
Two Tickets To Paradise: Brook Benton (1963)
Up On The Roof: Drifters (1963)
Verliebt verlobt verheiratet: Conny Froboess & Peter Alexander (1963)
Vom Stadtpark die Laternen: Gitte & Rex Gildo (1963)
Walk Like A Man: Four Seasons (1963)
Walk Right In: Rooftop Singers (1963)
Walking Proud: Steve Lawrence (1963)
Walking the Dog: Rufus Thomas (1963)
Washington Square: Village Stompers (1963)
Watermleon Man: Mongo Santamaria (1963)
Wayward Wind: Frank Ifield (1963)
Weißes Traumboot: Grit van Hoog (1963)
Welcome To My World: Jim Reeves (1963)
Wenn der Mondschein nicht so romantisch wär': Thomas Fritsch (1963)
Wenn erst der Abend kommt: Peter Alexander (1963)
Wenn ich ein Cowboy wär': Martin Lauer (1963)
Wenn ich ein Junge wär': Rita Pavone (1963)
Wham!: Lonnie Mack (1963)
What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am): Tams (1963)
What Will Mary Say: Johnny Mathis (1963)
What's So Easy for Two Is So Hard for One: Mary Wells (1963)
When Will You Say I Love You: Billy Fury (1963)
Whispering: Nino Tempo & April Stevens (1963)
Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart?: Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans (1963)
Why Don't You Believe Me: Duprees featuring Joey Vann (1963)
Wild!: Dee Dee Sharp (1963)
Wilhelm-Tell-Twist: Charly Cotton (1963)
Wini-Wini: Die Tahiti-Tamourès (1963)
Winnetou: Medium-Terzett (1963)
Wipe Out: Surfaris (1963)
Wir könnten Freunde sein: Sacha Distel (1963)
Wishing: Buddy Holly (1963)
Witchcraft: Elvis Presley (1963)
Without Love (There Is Nothing): Ray Charles (1963)
Wives and Lovers: Jack Jones (1963)
Wonderful Summer: Robin Ward (1963)
Wonderful! Wonderful!: Tymes (1963)
Woo Hoo: Rock-A-Teens (1963)
Workout Stevie, Workout: Stevie Wonder (1963)
You Can Never Stop Me Loving You: Johnny Tillotson (1963)
You Can Never Stop Me Loving You: Kenny Lynch (1963)
You Can't Sit Down: Dovells (1963)
You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry: Caravelles (1963)
You Lost the Sweetest Boy: Mary Wells (1963)
You'll Never Walk Alone: Gerry & The Pacemakers (1963)
Young and in Love: Dick & Deedee (1963)
Young Lovers: Paul & Paula (1963)
Your Old Stand By: Mary Wells (1963)
Your Other Love: Connie Francis (1963)
Your Used to Be: Brenda Lee (1963)
You're the Reason I'm Living: Bobby Darin (1963)
Zip-A-Dee Doo-Dah: Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans (1963)
Zwei blaue Vergißmeinnicht: Rex Gildo (1963)


(Just Like) Romeo & Juliet: Reflections (1964)
(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me: Sandie Shaw (1964)
(You Don't Know) How Glad I Am: Nancy Wilson (1964)
5-4-3-2-1: Manfred Mann (1964)
A Fool Never Learns: Andy Williams (1964)
A Hard Day's Night: Beatles (1964)
A Little Loving: Fourmost (1964)
A Summer Song: Chad & Jeremy (1964)
A World Without Love: Peter & Gordon (1964)
Aber mein Herz ist allein: Hans-Jürgen Bäumler (1964)
Abigail Beecher: Freddy Cannon (1964)
Ain't Nothing You Can Do: Bobby Bland (1964)
Ain't She Sweet: Beatles (1964)
Ain't That Loving You Baby: Elvis Presley (1964)
Al-Di-La: Ray Charles Singers (1964)
All My Loving: Beatles (1964)
Alone: 4 Seasons (1964)
Always Together: Al Martino (1964)
Am Lagerfeuer: Martin Lauer (1964)
And I Love Her: Beatles (1964)
Any Way You Want It: Dave Clark Five (1964)
Anyone who had a Heart: Cilla Black (1964)
Anyone Who Had A Heart: Dionne Warwick (1964)
As Tears Go By: Marianne Faithfull (1964)
As Usual: Brenda Lee (1964)
Ask Me: Elvis Presley (1964)
Baby Don't You Do It: Marvin Gaye (1964)
Baby I Need Your Loving: Four Tops (1964)
Baby Love: Supremes (1964)
Baby, I Need Your Lovin': Four Tops (1964)
Be Anything (But Be Mine): Connie Francis (1964)
Beans in My Ears: Serendipity Singers (1964)
Because: Dave Clark Five (1964)
Big Man in Town: 4 Seasons (1964)
Big Town Boy: Shirley Matthews (1964)
Bits And Pieces: Dave Clark Five (1964)
Bless Our Love: Gene Chandler (1964)
Blue Winter: Connie Francis (1964)
Borne on the Wind: Roy Orbison (1964)
Boys Cry: Eden Kane (1964)
Bravo Bambina: Rex Gildo (1964)
Bread And Butter: Newbeats (1964)
Buffalo Bill: Medium-Terzett (1964)
California Sun: Rivieras (1964)
Call Up The Groups: Barron Knights (1964)
Candy Man: Brian Poole & The Tremeloes (1964)
Can't Buy Me Love: Beatles (1964)
Can't You See That She's Mine: Dave Clark Five (1964)
Carol: Tommy Roe (1964)
Chapel Of Love: Dixie Cups (1964)
Charade: Sammy Kaye & His Orchestra (1964)
Chug-a-Lug: Roger Miller (1964)
Cinderella Baby: Drafi Deutscher (1964)
Clinging Vine: Bobby Vinton (1964)
C'mon and Swim: Bobby Freeman (1964)
Come A Little Bit Closer: Jay & The Americans (1964)
Come See About Me: Supremes (1964)
Constantly: Cliff Richard (1964)
Cotton Candy: Al Hirt (1964)
Cousin of Mine: Sam Cooke (1964)
Crying Game: Dave Berry (1964)
Daisy Petal Pickin': Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs (1964)
Dance, Dance, Dance: Beach Boys (1964)
Dancing In The Street: Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (1964)
Dang Me: Roger Miller (1964)
Das geht doch keinen etwas an: Suzanne Doucet (1964)
Das ist die Frage aller Fragen (Spanish Harlem): Cliff Richard (1964)
Das kannst du mir nicht verbieten (You Can Never Stop Me...): Bernd Spier (Johnny Tillotson) (1964)
Das kommt vom Rudern, das kommt vom Segeln: Peter Lauch und die Regenpfeifer (1964)
Das Mädchen mit dem traurigen Blick: Mal Sondock (1964)
Dawn (Go Away): Four Seasons (1964)
Dead Man's Curve: Jan & Dean (1964)
Dear Heart: Andy Williams (1964)
Der Platz neben mir: Sacha Distel (1964)
Diane: Bachelors (1964)
Die Rose von Mexico: Peter Hinnen (1964)
Dimples: Hooker, John Lee (1964)
Do I Love You?: Ronettes (1964)
Do Wah Diddy: Manfred Mann (1964)
Do You Want to Know a Secret: Beatles (1964)
Don't Blame Me: Frank Ifield (1964)
Don't Bring Me Down: Pretty Things (1964)
Don't Forget I Still Love You: Bobbi Martin (1964)
Don't Let The Rain Come Down: Serendipity Singers (1964)
Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying: Gerry & The Pacemakers (1964)
Don't Throw Your Love Away: Searchers (1964)
Don't Worry Baby: Beach Boys (1964)
Downtown: Petula Clark (1964)
Drina-Marsch: Ensemble Urosevic (1964)
Drina-Marsch: Jörgen Ingmann (1964)
Du du du gehst vorbei: Suzie (1964)
Ebb Tide: Lenny Welch (1964)
Ein Boy ist ein Boy: Geschwister Leismann (1964)
Eine schöne Frau läßt man nicht weinen: Gerhard Wendland (1964)
Everybody: Tommy Roe (1964)
Everybody Knows (I Still Love You): Dave Clark Five (1964)
Everybody Loves Somebody: Dean Martin (1964)
Everything's Alright: Mojos (1964)
Everything's Alright: Newbeats (1964)
Ferry Cross The Mersey: Gerry & The Pacemakers (1964)
For You: Rick Nelson (1964)
Forever: Pete Drake & His Talking Steel Guitar (1964)
From a Window: Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (1964)
Fun Fun Fun: Beach Boys (1964)
G.T.O.: Ronny & The Daytonas (1964)
Gestatten Sie, Monsieur: Adamo (1964)
Gib mir dein Wort: Freddy Quinn (1964)
Girl (Why You Wanna Make Me Blue): Temptations (1964)
Girl Don't Come: Sandie Shaw (1964)
Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys: Cookies (1964)
Give Him a Great Big Kiss: Shangri-Las (1964)
Giving Up: Gladys Knight & The Pips (1964)
Glad All Over: Dave Clark Five (1964)
Glück gehört dazu (Schloß auf dem Mond): Rex Gildo (1964)
Go Now: Moody Blues (1964)
Goin' Out of My Head: Little Anthony & The Imperials (1964)
Going Going Gone: Brook Benton (1964)
Gone, Gone, Gone: Everly Brothers (1964)
Good News: Sam Cooke (1964)
Good Times: Sam Cooke (1964)
Google Eye: Nashville Teens (1964)
Hallo Boy (Der Schuster macht schöne Schuhe): Peggy March (1964)
Harem: Mr. Acker Bilk (Max Greger) (1964)
Haunted House: Jumpin' Gene Simmons (1964)
Have I The Right: Honeycombs (1964)
Have You Looked into Your Heart: Jerry Vale (1964)
Hello, Dolly: Louis »Satchmo« Armstrong (1964)
Here I go again: Hollies (1964)
He's in Town: Rockin' Berries (1964)
Hey Bobba Needl: Chubby Checker (Medium-Terzett) (1964)
Hey Harmonica Man: Stevie Wonder (1964)
Hey Jean, Hey Dean: Dean & Jean (1964)
Hey, Bobba Needle: Chubby Checker (1964)
Hi-Heel Sneakers: Tommy Tucker (1964)
Hippy Hippy Shake: Swinging Blue Jeans (1964)
Hokuspokus: Gitte & Rex Gildo (1964)
Hold Me: P.J. Proby (1964)
Hold What You've Got: Joe Tex (1964)
Honeymoon in St. Tropez: Marika Kilius & Hans-Jürgen Bäumler (1964)
Hooka Tooka: Chubby Checker (1964)
Horch was kommt von draußen rein (Mama): Manuela (1964)
House of the rising Sun: Animals (1964)
How Soon: Henry Mancini (1964)
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You: Marvin Gaye (1964)
Hubble Bubble: Manfred Mann (1964)
I Believe: Bachelors (1964)
I Can't Stop Talking About You: Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme (1964)
I Could Easily Fall (In Love With You): Cliff Richard (1964)
I Don't Wanna Be a Loser: Lesley Gore (1964)
I Don't Want to Be Hurt Anymore: Nat "King" Cole (1964)
I Don't Want to See Tomorrow: Nat "King" Cole (1964)
I Don't Want to See You Again: Peter & Gordon (1964)
I Feel Fine: Beatles (1964)
I Get Around: Beach Boys (1964)
I Have a Boyfriend: Chiffons (1964)
I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself: Dusty Springfield (1964)
I Like It: Gerry & The Pacemakers (1964)
I Like It Like That: Miracles (1964)
I like the Look of you: Fortunes (1964)
I Love You Because: Jim Reeves (1964)
I Love You More and More Every Day: Al Martino (1964)
I Rise, I Fall: Johnny Tillotson (1964)
I Saw Her Standing There: Beatles (1964)
I Should Have Known Better: Beatles (1964)
I Think Of You: Merseybeats (1964)
I Wanna Love Him So Bad: Jelly Beans (1964)
I Want To Hold Your Hand: Beatles (1964)
I Wish You Love: Gloria Lynne (1964)
I Won't Forget You: Jim Reeves (1964)
I Wouldn't Trade You For The World: Bachelors (1964)
Ich hab' so oft an dich gedacht (Florentina): Gerhard Wendland (1964)
If I Fell: Beatles (1964)
I'll Be In Trouble: Temptations (1964)
I'll Cry Instead: Beatles (1964)
I'll have my Tears to remind me: Fortunes (1964)
I'll Keep You Satisfied: Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (1964)
I'll Touch a Star: Terry Stafford (1964)
I'm Crying: Animals (1964)
I'm Gonna Be Strong: Gene Pitney (1964)
I'm into something good: Herman's Hermits (1964)
I'm On the Outside (Looking In): Little Anthony & The Imperials (1964)
I'm So Proud: Impressions (1964)
I'm The Lonely One: Cliff Richard (1964)
I'm The One: Gerry & The Pacemakers (1964)
Is It True: Brenda Lee (1964)
It Hurts Me: Elvis Presley (1964)
It Hurts To Be In Love: Gene Pitney (1964)
It's All Over Now: Rolling Stones (1964)
It's For You: Cilla Black (1964)
It's Only Make Believe: Billy Fury (1964)
It's Over: Roy Orbison (1964)
I've Got Sand in My Shoes: Drifters (1964)
Java: Al Hirt (Max Greger) (1964)
Jetzt dreht die Welt sich nur um dich: Gitte & Rex Gildo (1964)
Johnny komm: Suzie (1964)
Juliet: Four Pennies (1964)
Junger Mann mit roten Rosen: Dörthe (1964)
Just Be True: Gene Chandler (1964)
Just Like Me: Searchers (1964)
Just one Look: Hollies (1964)
Kavalier Kavalier: Marika Kilius (1964)
Keep On Pushing: Impressions (1964)
Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun): Del Shannon (1964)
Keep Smiling: Drafi Deutscher (1964)
Kein Gold im Blue: River Ronny (1964)
Kein Gold im Blue River: Ronny (1964)
Kenn ein Land: Ronny (1964)
Kidddy Kiddy Kiss Me: Rita Pavone (1964)
Kiss Me Sailor: Diane Renay (1964)
Kissin' Cousins: Elvis Presley (1964)
Kleine Annabell (Kenn ein Land): Ronny (1964)
Komm gib mir Deine Hand: Beatles (1964)
Lady Music: Little Peggy March (1964)
Last Kiss: J. Frank Wilson (1964)
Lazy Elsie Molly: Chubby Checker (1964)
Lazy Lady: Fats Domino (1964)
Leader of the Pack: Shangri-Las (1964)
Let It Be Me: Betty Everett & Jerry Butler (1964)
Let Me Go Lover: Kathy Kirby (1964)
Let's Lock The Door (And Throw Away The Key): Jay & The Americans (1964)
Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht: Siw Malmqvist (1964)
Little Children: Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas (1964)
Little Honda: HONDELLS (1964)
Long Tall Sally: Beatles (Jerry Lee Lewis) (1964)
Look homeward Angel: Fortunes (1964)
Losing You: Dusty Springfield (1964)
Love Me With All Your Heart (Cuando Calienta El Sol): Ray Charles Singers (1964)
Love Potion #9: Searchers (1964)
Mach die Augen zu: Gerhard Wendland (1964)
Mama: Margot Eskens (1964)
Matchbox: Beatles (1964)
Maybe I Know: Lesley Gore (1964)
Maybellene: Johnny Rivers (1964)
Memphis: Johnny Rivers (1964)
Memphis Tennessee: Dave Clark Five (Bernd Spier) (1964)
Memphis Tennessee: Pat Boone (1964)
Memphis Tennessee: Rik & Roger Claudio (1964)
Mercy, Mercy: Don Covay & The Goodtimers (1964)
Miller's Cave: Bobby Bare (1964)
Mocking Bird Hill: Migil Five (1964)
Morgen hast du keine Sorgen: Anna-Lena (1964)
Mountain of Love: Johnny Rivers (1964)
Move Over Darling: Doris Day (1964)
Mr. Lonely: Bobby Vinton (1964)
My Bonnie (Lies Over the Ocean): Beatles with Tony Sheridan (1964)
My Boy Lollipop: Millie Small (1964)
My Girl Sloopy: Vibrations (1964)
My Guy: Mary Wells (1964)
My Heart Belongs to Only You: Bobby Vinton (1964)
My Heart Cries For You: Ray Charles (1964)
My Soul: Rackets (1964)
Nachts hör' ich immer alle Uhren schlagen: Peter Alexander (1964)
Nadine (Is It You?): Chuck Berry (1964)
Napoli: Connie Francis (1964)
Navy Blue: Diane Renay (1964)
Need to Belong: Jerry Butler (1964)
Needles And Pins: Searchers (1964)
No Particular Place To Go: Chuck Berry (1964)
Nobody I Know: Peter & Gordon (1964)
Non ho l'eta: Gigliola Cinquetti (1964)
Not Fade Away: Rolling Stones (1964)
Nur ein bißchen Glück: Gitte (1964)
Oh Baby Don't You Weep (Part 1): James Brown & The Famous Flames (1964)
Oh My Darling Caroline: Ronny (1964)
Oh pretty Woman: Roy Orbison (1964)
On The Beach: Cliff Richard (1964)
On The Street Where You Live: Andy Williams (1964)
Once Upon A Time: Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells (1964)
One Way Love: Cliff Bennett (1964)
Out Of Sight: James Brown & His Orchestra (1964)
P.S. I Love You: Beatles (1964)
Penetration: Pyramids (1964)
People: Barbara Streisand (1964)
People Say: Dixie Cups (1964)
Please Mr. Postman: Beatles (1964)
Please Please Me: Beatles (1964)
Popsicles And Icicles: Murmaids (1964)
Pretty Woman: Roy Orbison (1964)
Puppy Love: Barbara Lewis (1964)
Quicksand: Martha Reeves & The Vandellas (1964)
Rag Doll: 4 Seasons (1964)
Ramona: Bachelors (1964)
Reach Out For Me: Dionne Warwick (1964)
Remember (Walkin' In The Sand): Shangri-Las (1964)
Remember Me: Rita Pavone (1964)
Rhythm: Major Lance (1964)
Ride the Wild Surf: Jan & Dean (1964)
Right or Wrong: Ronnie Dove (1964)
Ringo: Lorne Greene (1964)
Rip Van Winkle: Devotions (1964)
Ronnie: Four Seasons (1964)
Rund ist die Welt: Nina & Frederik (1964)
Sag no zu ihm: Cliff Richard (1964)
Saturday Night at the Movies: Drifters (1964)
Save It For Me: 4 Seasons (1964)
Say You: Ronnie Dove (1964)
Schaffe schaffe Häusle baue: Ralf Bendix (1964)
Schneemann: Manuela (1964)
Schöne Mädchen muß man lieben: Bernd Spier (1964)
Schwimmen lernt man im See: Manuela (1964)
See the Funny Little Clown: Bobby Goldsboro (1964)
Seide und Samt: Peter Alexander (1964)
Sein bestes Pferd: Martin Lauer (1964)
Selfish One: Jackie Ross (1964)
Sha La La: Manfred Mann (1964)
Shaggy Dog: Mickey Lee Lane (1964)
Shake Hands: Drafi Deutscher (1964)
Shangri-La: Robert Maxwell & His Orchestra (1964)
Shangri-La: Vic Dana (1964)
She Loves You: Beatles (1964)
She Understands Me: Johnny Tillotson (1964)
She's a Woman: Beatles (1964)
She's Not There: Zombies (1964)
She's the One: Chartbusters (1964)
Shout: Lulu (1964)
Sidewalk Surfin': Jan & Dean (1964)
Sie liebt Dich: Beatles (1964)
Silvermoon: Peter Kraus (1964)
Skinny Minnie: Jimmy & The Rackets (1964)
Skinny Minny: Tony Sheridan & The Beatles (1964)
Slow Down: Beatles (1964)
So ein Tag so wunderschön wie heute: Freddy Quinn (1964)
Softly, As I Leave You: Frank Sinatra (1964)
Some Day We're Gonna Love Again: Searchers (1964)
Someone Someone: Brian Poole & The Tremeloes (1964)
Somewhere: P.J. Proby (1964)
Somewhere In Your Heart: Frank Sinatra (1964)
Southtown, U.S.A.: Dixiebelles with Cornbread & Jerry (1964)
Stardust: Nino Tempo & April Stevens (1964)
Stay: 4 Seasons (1964)
Steal Away: Jimmy Hughes (1964)
Stop and Think it Over: Dale & Grace (1964)
Such a Night: Elvis Presley (1964)
Sugar Lips: Al Hirt (1964)
Surfin' Bird: Trashmen (1964)
Suspicion: Terry Stafford (1964)
Sweet William: Millie Small (1964)
Talking About My Baby: Impressions (1964)
Tears and Roses: Al Martino (1964)
Tell It on the Mountain: Peter, Paul & Mary (1964)
Tell Me (You're Coming Back): Rolling Stones (1964)
Tell Me When: Applejacks (GB) (1964)
Tell Me Why: Bobby Vinton (1964)
Tennessee Waltz: Alma Cogan (1964)
Terry: Twinkle (1964)
Thank You Girl: Beatles (1964)
That Girl Belongs To Yesterday: Gene Pitney (1964)
That Lucky Old Sun: Ray Charles (1964)
That's the Way Boys Are: Lesley Gore (1964)
That's What Love Is Made of: Miracles (1964)
The (Best Part Of) Breakin' Up: Ronettes (1964)
The 81: Candy & The Kisses (1964)
The Door Is Still Open to My Heart: Dean Martin (1964)
The Girl From Ipanema: Astrud Gilberto & Stan Getz (1964)
The House Of The Rising Sun: Animals (1964)
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena: Jan & Dean (1964)
The Matador: Major Lance (1964)
The New Girl in School: Jan & Dean (1964)
The Nitty Gritty: Shirley Ellis (1964)
The Pink Panther Theme: Henry Mancini & His Orchestra (1964)
The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt: Shadows (1964)
The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss): Betty Everett (1964)
The Tennessee Waltz: Sam Cooke (1964)
The Twelfth Of Never: Cliff Richard (1964)
The Very Thought of You: Rick Nelson (1964)
The Way You Do the Things You Do: Temptations (1964)
The Wedding: Julie Rogers (1964)
There's A Heartache Following Me: Jim Reeves (1964)
Think: Brenda Lee (1964)
This Boy: Beatles (1964)
Three Window Coupe: Rip Chords (1964)
Time Is on My Side: Rolling Stones (1964)
Tobacco Road: Nashville Teens (1964)
Today: New Christy Minstrels (1964)
Together: P.J. Proby (1964)
Tokyo Melody: Helmut Zacharias (1964)
Too Many Fish in the Sea: Marvelettes (1964)
Tra La La La Suzy: Dean & Jean (1964)
Tränen und Rosen: Gerhard Wendland (1964)
Try It Baby: Marvin Gaye (1964)
Turn Around: Dick & Deedee (1964)
Um Um Um Um Um Um: Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders (1964)
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um: Major Lance (1964)
Under the Boardwalk: Drifters (1964)
Understand Your Man: Johnny Cash (1964)
Vergangen, vergessen, vorüber: Freddy Quinn (1964)
Viva Las Vegas: Elvis Presley (1964)
Wack Wack: Young-Holt Trio (1964)
Walk Away: Matt Monro (1964)
Walk Don't Run '64: Ventures (1964)
Walk On By: Dionne Warwick (1964)
Walk Tall: Val Doonican (1964)
Walking In the Rain: Ronettes (1964)
Warum muß man auseinandergehn (Unser Liebestraum): Petula Clark (1964)
Was Frauen träumen: Peter Alexander (1964)
We Love You Beatles: Carefrees (1964)
We'll Sing In the Sunshine: Gale Garnett (1964)
Wenn der Silbermond: Little Peggy March (1964)
Wenn die Cowboys träumen: Marika Kilius (1964)
Wenn doch jede Woche mal der Erste wär': Gus Backus (1964)
Wenn du mal allein bist: Manfred Schnelldorfer (1964)
We're through: Hollies (1964)
What Have They Done To The Rain: Searchers (1964)
What'd I Say: Elvis Presley (1964)
What's the Matter with You Baby: Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells (1964)
When I grow up: Beach Boys (1964)
When You Walk in the Room: Searchers (1964)
Where Did Our Love Go: Supremes (1964)
White on White: Danny Williams (1964)
Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me): Tony Bennett (1964)
Who Do You Love: Sapphires (1964)
Wild One: Martha & The Vandellas (1964)
Willow Weep For Me: Chad & Jeremy (1964)
Wish Someone Would Care: Irma Thomas (1964)
Wishin' and Hopin': Dusty Springfield (1964)
Wo ist das Glück vom vergangenen Jahr: Nana Mouskouri (1964)
Worried Guy: Johnny Tillotson (1964)
Would I Love You: Miracles (1964)
Wrong for Each Other: Andy Williams (1964)
Wunderschönes fremdes Mädchen: Hans-Jürgen Bäumler (1964)
Yeh Yeh: Georgie Fame (1964)
Yesterday's Gone: Chad & Jeremy (1964)
You Don't Own Me: Lesley Gore (1964)
You Lost That Lovin' Feelin': Righteous Brothers (1964)
You Must Believe Me: Impressions (1964)
You Never Can Tell (C'est La Vie): Chuck Berry (1964)
You Really Got Me: Kinks (1964)
You Should Have Seen the Way He Looked at Me: Dixie Cups (1964)
You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart): Dionne Warwick (1964)
You'll Never Walk Alone: Patti LaBelle & The Blue Belles (1964)
You're a Wonderful One: Marvin Gaye (1964)
You're My World: Cilla Black (1964)
You're No Good: Swinging Blue Jeans (1964)
You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You: Dean Martin (1964)
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin': Righteous Brothers (1964)
Zwei auf einer Bank: Gitte & Rex Gildo (1964)
Zwei Mädchen aus Germany: Paul Anka (1964)